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Cooking Tips

Cooking with wine.
How do you cook with wine?
Wine can be used in several cooking methods: from marinating to steaming, discover all the tips for cooking with wine on Fine Dining Lovers.
A cantaloupe cut into pieces.
How to cut a cantaloupe
Do you want to learn how to cut melon quickly and easily? Watch the video on Fine Dining Lovers and learn how to peel and slice a cantaloupe.
Chef Adam Smith's seven ways to cook potatoes.
Michelin chef shares 7 ways to cook potatoes
Chef Adam Smith of Michelin-starred Woven in the UK shares tips for getting the most out of the humble potato. Beef fat potatoes, roasties, the ultimate mash and more.
Pumpkin casserole.
Everything you need to know about casseroles
A casserole is more than just a pan: discover more about this dish, its history and origins, and the best recipes for a heartwarming casserole.
How to easily cut a pineapple
Confused about how to cut a pineapple? It'll take you less than a minute to learn how to slice and dice this tropical fruit. Watch now!
Dish of chicken legs marinating with fresh herbs and spices.
The ultimate guide to chicken marinade
Discover the secrets of perfectly marinated chicken with Fine Dining Lovers. Elevate your cooking game with our step-by-step tips and techniques.
Michelin-starred roast chicken and sides from Northcote at Home.
How to roast a chicken like a Michelin-starred chef
Lisa Goodwin-Allen, Executive Chef of Michelin-starred Northcote restaurant in Lancashire, England and The Stafford London, shares her tips and recipe for perfect roast chicken.
A lamb leg marinating.
The best marinades for lamb chops and legs
Enhance the flavour of your lamb chops and legs with the best marinades. From classic herb and garlic to spicy harissa, sweet honey, and mustard marinades.
A woman using a French press to brew coffee.
The ultimate guide to French press coffee-brewing
If you love a long dark coffee, you need to know how to brew it with a French press. Watch the video and read the complete guide on Fine Dining Lovers.
Homemade brownies ready to be stored.
How to freeze brownies the right way
Want to know how to freeze brownies properly? Discover how to store your homemade or store-bought brownies in the freezer to keep them fresh and delicious.