Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips
One pot recipes
6 one pot recipes perfect for easy January cooking
Chicken pot pie, spicy sausage rice, chicken casserole, duck curry and more - ease yourself into cooking post-holidays with these one pot cooking recipes.
good luck foods new year
Foods that bring good luck in the new year
Did you know pomegranates and noodles represent good fortune? Here's a list of other "good luck" foods consumed around the globe on New Year's Eve.
How to use Christmas dinner leftovers
Don't bin it! 10 ideas on how to use your Christmas leftovers
Don't be a food waster! From leftovers to gourmet, turn your Christmas leftovers into delicious dishes to get excited about all over again. From a Naples-style frittata, to fried rice, here are some recipe ideas.
In Naples, any leftover pasta, with or without sauce, is made into a pasta frittata the next day. Try it yourself, it's a great way to reuse food that ordinarily would go to waste!
Baking an entire fish in salt is an old technique that results in perfectly seasoned, flaky fish.  
Miso dessert recipes
The sweet side of miso: 6 recipes to try
Consider miso your secret weapon to the best brownies, caramel and apple cake. This funky fermented soybean paste adds an umami kick and sophisticated saltiness to desserts that's a whole other level.
Christmas pudding
10 of the best Christmas desserts ever
Looking for the perfect Christmas desserts? Treat yourself and the ones you love to these mouthwatering holiday sweets that are totally worth the calories!
vegan appetizer
10 Tasty Vegan Thanksgiving Appetizers
Need ideas for a vegan-friendly Thanksgiving menu? Get the recipes for vegan appetizers like couscous cakes, Michelin-star chef Swiss chard tart, cabbage sushi and more.
Soup recipes
5 Soups for fall evenings
Cool evenings call for warm soups. Here are five fall soup recipes to make part of your fall kitchen repertoire.
Apple pie
A guide to 12 apple varieties and what they are good for
Not sure which apples are best for baking, making sauce or eating raw? Here's a guide for 12 apple varieties and what to do with them.
5+1 easy lentil recipes to fix any weeknight dinner drama
Your weeknight dinner hero ingredient is most likely already in your pantry: lentils. Try out these six different recipes that maximise the versatility of this humble legume, from soup to bakes and mouthwatering croquettes.
Cyber Monday Sous Vide Deals
Now's the time to take the plunge into the perfectly circulated hot water bath. Check out our picks for Cyber Monday deals on sous vide machines.