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Cooking Tips

Pancakes and edible flowers.
10 edible flowers and how to use them
Add summer flowers to your dishes with this list of 10 edible flowers and how to use them, with recipes.
How to make tofu at home
Learn the easy way to make tofu at home with soy beans and standard kitchen equipment.
Cooking with embers and ash.
How to cook with embers and ash
Smoldering (sorry) cooking tips from chef Scott Calhoun of Philadelphia’s Ember & Ash restaurant.
broken sauce - Fine Dining Lovers
How to fix a broken sauce
Why did the sauce break? Discover how to fix a broken sauce and the tricks for a perfect emulsion every time. Read more on Fine Dining Lovers.
Instant coffee in a cup.
How to cook with instant coffee
Instant coffee is a useful ingredient that adds bitter and coffee flavors to many dishes. Here are recipes, tips and ideas for using instant coffee in your kitchen.
Truffles on a board.
How to use truffles at home
Chef Michelangelo Mammoliti explains how to best use, combine and preserve the prized seasonal ingredient.
A confit egg yolk is a fancy, yet straightforward, addition to any home cooked meal, elevating it to restaurant-style status.
Cooked fish with a crispy skin.
How to get perfectly crispy fish skin every time
With a piece of parchment paper, you can get perfectly crispy skin on your fish fillet without the risk of burning or it sticking to the pan.
Gambo roja by Quique Dacosta.
From cheeks to corals: how to cook (and eat) fish and seafood heads  
The heads of fish and crustaceans are usually the tastiest parts, so why so often discarded? Discover the best ways to cook and eat them with tips from top chefs.
Chef Mark Moriarty.
Mark Moriarty’s tips for taking your home cooking to the next level
Chef Mark Moriarty shares tips for improving your home cooking and recipes from his cookbook, Flavour.