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British Pie Week 2021

Chicken pot pie

Photo David Fed | Unsplash

01-07 March, 2021

British Pie Week 2021

The annual British pie week runs from 1 to 7 March, allowing seven days to celebrate the humble pie in all its glory.

Yes, pie lovers, that's right, it's time to celebrate the beloved British pie in all its glory. So roll up your sleeves, get rolling, baking and decorating, and put your best pie forward.

Britain has a long list of favourite pies, from cottage pie, shepherd’s pie and fish pie, to the traditional pastry enclosed pies like steak and ale, chicken and mushroom and meat and potato. And that's before you get started on dessert, with a choice of apple fruit pies, cream pies ...

This year's British Pie Awards, which has 23 different classes, has been postponed to later in the year due to the ongoing pandemic, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate with your own special bake.

To submit your pie recipes, share #BritishPieWeek 

Pie week also lands in the same week that 3-Michelin-star Alinea in Chicago pivots to pot pies. Take a look.

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British Pie Week 2021

01-07 March, 2021
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