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Bocuse d'Or Grand Final 2021


Photo: Sirha

26-27 September, 2021

Bocuse d'Or Grand Final 2021

This year's prestigious culinary competition final will take place on Sunday 26 and Monday 27 September 2021 in Lyon, with a few new twists.

The Bocuse d’Or final is now scheduled to take place on Sunday 26 and Monday 27 September 2021 in Lyon, France, with some new additions.

24 young chefs from around the world will compete in the world-class culinary competition, combining technique and creativity, as this year they take on tasks inspired by the changes in the industry brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of the usual platter and plate challenge, this year the competing teams will face a platter and 'take away' task, and there will also be a new 'Social Commitment' award. See the details below.

The Platter

This year's platter challenge will centre on a hot dish showcasing a whole braised beef paleron for the first time ever.

Take Away

This year's 'plate' challenge will be replaced with a brand new event - a 'take away' task, designed to echo the new modes of catering that have emerged during the pandemic.

Candidates will have to design a takeout menu around 3 dishes (starter, main course, dessert), and the same seasonal product: tomato.

All dishes must be presented in a reusable box developed by the candidates themselves from materials of plant origin.

A New Award: the Bocuse d'Or Social Commitment Award

In tribute to the initiatives of chefs who have implemented solidarity initiatives and adapted to new difficult working conditions, the prestigious competition is introducing a new prize, the Bocuse d'Or Social Commitment Award.

Designed in partnership with the Bocuse d'Or Winners association, this prize will reward the involvement of a team in areas related to food, ranging from food aid, and the distribution of meals to nursing staff or the most disadvantaged, to the fight against waste, and responsible agriculture.


24 Competing Teams

Europe: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland
Asia-Pacific: South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand
Africa: Morocco and Tunisia
Americas: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Uruguay
Wild Cards: New Zealand and Russia

event name

Bocuse d'Or Grand Final 2021

26-27 September, 2021
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