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street food

Street Food

Street food challenges the common perception that the best food must be eaten at a restaurant.

The British Street Food Awards set out, each year, to determine the very best street food: they wish to recognize the very best among the thousands of street food vendors in UK. Awards are, as is fitting to the business model, easy, cheap and cool. Last year the winner got a food mixer. But that is all in good spirits: because the essence of street food is that it be fast, good and cheap. But there is a new hallmark for street food: hip. Indeed it is becoming more and more valued the one-to-one relationship with the street vendor that is generally well known and loved by everyone in the neighborhood. After all, it’s his food that helps keep corporate offices, schools and government buildings going during the long work hours

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Sungei Road Laska
Singapore's Best Hawker Stalls
When Michelin Guide Singapore debuted in 2016, two hawker stalls - Hawker Chan and Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle - featured on its one-star list
Tornado Omelette
How to Swirl a Tornado Omelette Like a Master
Here's how to swirl a Korean street food tornado omelette like a master. All you need is a hot non-stick pan and a pair of chopsticks. Find out how it's done.
Singapore Hawker
Singapore's Hawkers Recognised by Unesco
Unesco has recognised the cultural significance of Singapore's hawker centres and its street food culture.
Coconut milk
What a Way to Serve a Coconut
This street food vendor has some serious skills with a machete, cutting a coconut to reveal membrane-covered milk that looks like mozzarella.
Singapore hawker stall street food
Chef swaps fine dining for the hawker life
Xavier Neo’s last job was at the pinnacle of fine dining working as a sous chef in two Michelin star
Seizan Uni Ramen Singapore
Seizan Uni Ramen stall set for Singapore
Seizan Uni Ramen stall is set to open in Singapore bringing the world's street food capital Uni-infused ramen broth.
Watch the trailer for Netflix's new Series 'Street Food'
Watch the trailer for Netflix's new Series 'Street Food'
Watch the trailer for the new Netflix series 'Street Food' by the creators of 'Chef's Table'. Series one, 'Street Food Asia' travels to nine Asian countries.
Chef’s Table to hit Street Food in New Spin-Off
Chef’s Table to hit Street Food in New Spin-Off
Chef's Table production team Supper Club have announced their new hawker focused spin off series Street Food will air on Netflix on April 26.
What if food was the new rock'n'roll and food halls were the new stages?
More and more cities are repurposing abandoned buildings by creating permanent homes for clusters of pop up restaurants and vendors serving great food.
Michelin-Starred Crab Omelette by Jay Fai: The Street Food Star
Watch the Michelin starred street food vendor, Jay Fai, as she explains how to make her world famous crab omelette.