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Crab and Caviar on Brioche

Crab and Caviar on Brioche

An exclusive appetizer recipe, shared by chef Anna Haugh at Bob Bob Ricard restaurant, served at the international launch of Food on the Edge 2017 in London.

18 May, 2017
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Rapeseed oil
Enough to fill a domestic fryer
Maris piper potatoes
4 medium sized
200 g, picked white spider crab meat
20 g
1, juiced
Rapeseed oil
30 ml
Extra virgin olive oil
30 ml
zest of one half
Lemon juice
1-2 tablespoons
Red onion
12 small thin slices


Serves 12 snacks

For the Potato crouton

Peel and slice the potatoes to half a centimetre in thickness. Cook in boiling water for 2 minutes. Plunge into iced water and then dry. Cook at 180 for 4-5 minutes (there should be no colour) Cook at 155 degrees for 7 minutes. When the croutons are cool they should be hard and crispy. If they are soft, cook them for a further minute or two.

For the Oyster puree

In a blender puree the oyster meat until smooth, add lemon zest and lemon juice. Blend on a low setting and slowly add your oils. Add a pinch of salt.

For the Crab mix

Mix your spider crab meat with 1 half of lemon juiced, chopped dill and pinch of salt. To dress Put a half teaspoon of oyster puree on the potato crouton. Add a tablespoon of crab mix on top.

Garnish with a half teaspoon of caviar a sprig of dill and a thin slice of red onion.

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