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4 Michelin Chefs Show You How to Make Pancakes from Scratch

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4 Michelin Chefs Show You How to Make Pancakes from Scratch

Shrove Tuesday is nearly here. It's about time for everyone to dust off their pancake recipes and start flipping some light and fluffy goodness. The only real question: how to make pancakes from scratch? Everyone knows you need wheat flour, milk, eggs and butter but not everyone knows the simple methods to make perfect pancakes.

Looking for some top pancake batter advice we decided to look at some of the best pancake recipes from around the world. Focusing only on delicious pancakes created by Michelin starred chefs.

We have four different recipes: Heston Blumenthal with light pancakes and bacon-infused maple syrup. The Spanish chef Albert Adria with air pancakes. Unfortunately, the ingredients for Adria's pancakes are in Spanish but you will enjoy the modernist approach.

If you like to top classic pancakes with goodies like chocolate chips and fruits, there's a simple approach from Raymond Blanc. There are also some American style pancakes from Gordon Ramsay with his golden-brown scotch pancakes with caramelized bananas.

Forget the pancake mix and vanilla extract. Grab a measuring cup, the dry ingredients and some toppings: chocolate chips, lemon juice, brown sugar, fruits. And get ready to learn how to make pancakes with the pros.

1: Bacon Inused Syrup Pancakes by Heston Blumenthal 

2: Classic Pancakes by Raymond Blanc 

3: Air Pancakes by Albert Adria 

4: American Style Pancakes by Gordon Ramsay

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