Coronavirus Inspiring Initiatives

Coronavirus Inspiring Initiatives
NYC Chef Vikas Khanna Serves 8 Million meals to India’s Needy
New York-Indian based Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna has so far fed over 8 million Indians during the coronavirus pandemic.
Turning The Tables Video Thumb
Turning The Tables: Watch the Full Talks on the Future of Gastronomy
Watch the Turning The Tables talks in full for measured insight, shared knowledge and practical solutions from some of the sharpest minds in global gastronomy.
10 Alternative social distancing measures in restaurants
10 Novel Social Distancing Ideas from Restaurants
Restaurants around the world are responding to social distancing mandates in weird and wonderful ways. Here's a selection of the best.
Turning The Tables | An Industry on Pause
Turning The Tables: An Industry on Pause
Education, tipping, the importance of community and different ways of running restaurants.
When the Lockdowns are Lifted
Turning The Tables: When the Lockdowns are Lifted
Three-Star Michelin take-out, making ice cream to support a food chain, economic advice, consumer trends, business strategy and more.
Grant Achatz
Grant Achatz on Why Take-Out Will Never Be The Same Again
The three-star Michelin chef talks about what it was like to pivot his world-famous Alinea restaurant in Chicago to offer take out.
Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis on Relief, Reopening and Rebuilding
The chief strategy officer at the James Beard Foundation has been on the ground since day one of lockdowns.
Mitsuharu Tsumura
Mitsuharu Tsumura on Ghost Kitchens, New Concepts and Cooking for Community
Mitsuharu Tsumura from the Maido restaurant in Peru, Lima, talks about his newest plans to open more local, community and democratic models of dinning in his
Massimo Bottura and Alexa Bottura
Massimo Bottura’s Advice to Young Chefs
The great Italian chef, Massimo Bottura, offers up advice to a young chef asking about transitioning from a learning role to a leading role, making the jump
Ana Ros
Ana Roš on Preserving Food Chains
The Slovenian chef Ana Roš talks about how her and her entire team lived on lockdown inside their restaurant during quarantine.
Turning The Tables | Thoughtful Lockdown Lessons
Thoughtful Lockdown Lessons
Introspection isn’t common in the restaurant industry, but many have found time to reflect on their relationships, both professional and personal, whether it
Rodrigo Oliveira
Rodrigo Oliveira on Why Cooking for Community is Key
The chef from Mocotó in Brazil speaks about his unique democratic dining model and how this has rooted the restaurant in its local community.
Turning The Tables | Community Lockdown Lessons
Community Lockdown Lessons
During the period of lockdowns, closures and reopenings, the one thing that has remained evident across the world is the strength of the restaurant community
Mitch Lienhard
Mitch Lienhard on Quitting a Three-Star Job to Learn Leadership
Mitch Lienhard had it all, top job at one of the best restaurants in the U.S, accolades, he was the winner of the San Pellegrino Young Chef competition and h
Turning The Tables | Reflective Lockdown Lessons
Reflective Lockdown Lessons
This time of pause has given us all time to reconnect, to reconnect with nature, with family and as Lara Gilmore says in this inspirational collection of loc
Nidal Barake
Nidal Barake: Run Your Restaurant as a Business, Not as a Restaurant
Nidal Barake is the owner of the Gluttony food agency based in Miami.
Matteo Figura
Trend Expert Matteo Figura On What People Want from Restaurants
Matteo Figura is the food service director for Italy at the NPD market research group.
Turning The Tables | Pivotal Lockdown Lessons
Pivotal Lockdown Lessons| Turning The Tables
The industry has moved, shifted, evolved and as Brian Canlis says in this inspirational collection of lockdown lessons: they learned to break the box and bui
Sasha Correa
Sasha Correa Asks If Our New Habits Will Last After Coronavirus
Sasha Correa of the Basque Culinary Center wonders whether people can keep up their new food habits as we emerge from lockdown.
Vaughn Tan
Vaughn Tan: When All The Rules Change, It’s Time To Get Creative
When it comes to uncertainty, Professor Vaughn Tan has written the book. Now he is imploring restaurants to get creative and turn the opportunities arising from the coronavirus crisis into success.
Amanda Cohen
Amanda Cohen: We Need to Fix Our Restaurant Industry
In Fine Dining Lovers’ Turning The Tables, a series of talks by restaurant industry leaders, Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy speaks about how the coronavirus crisis heighted issues in the industry and how it needs to change.
Nick Kokonas
Nick Kokonas: Building a Revenue Bridge Out of Covid-19 Towards Future Restaurant Success
Nick Kokonas takes stock of Tock and the Alinea Group during the Covid-19 crisis, and emerges with a plan to beat the challenges of lockdown.
Dan Barber
Replanting a Movement: Dan Barber’s Kitchen Farming Project
As the coronavirus lockdown continues to hit the food and restaurant industries hard, The Kitchen Farming Project is Blue Hill chef Dan Barber's latest initiative to keep the farm-to-table movement alive and kicking.
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City of Vienna to Give Away €40 million in Gastronomy Vouchers
The City of Vienna is to stimulate the restaurant industry by giving residents €50 vouchers to spend in cafés and restaurants.
José Andres
José Andrés Backed Bill Would Fund Restaurants 100% to Feed Needy
Jose Andres backed bill introduced that would allow governments to fund restaurants to feed vulnerable 100%.
World's 50 Best Recovery Fund
World's 50 Best Restaurants Launches Recovery Fund
The organisation behind the prestigious restaurant list has today launched a three-pronged approach to support, inform and connect the restaurant industry around the globe in the coming months, including offering financial relief.
restaurant window
How Cities are Planning to Manage Restaurants Reopening
As cities prepare to relax coronavirus restrictions and return to economic activity, how will it affect the hospitality industry?
Noma Secures Funding to Help Former Employees
Chef René Redzepi has secured the funding to secure the future of his Noma restaurant, at least for the year 2020 and has some leftover to help former employees.
David Kinch
David Kinch Raises Funds for Workers with New Restaurant Documentary
The US chef from three Michelin starred Manresa is raising funds for a workers relief programme by charging a rental fee for his new documentary, A Chef’s Voyage.
chef spain unmask daremos la casa
Adrià, Berasategui and Roca unmask to call for action to save Spain’s restaurants
Adrià, Berasategui and Roca join Spain's top chefs to call for action to save the countries collapsing hospitality industry.
Noma Seafood Menu©Ditte Isager
Noma Launches Restaurant Vouchers
Always wanted to eat at Noma but never managed to snag a table? With Noma's new prepayment vouchers you can secure a table for season ahead before reservations open to the general public. Find out how.
Doomsday Dinner Party
A Doomsday Dinner Party for The Strangest of Times
A Doomsday Dinner Party gives guests the chance to make the most of their takeout from Ardyn restaurant in New York, during the coronavirus crisis.
Save America Restaurant Letter
Sign the Letter to Help Save America's Restaurants
The Independent Restaurant Coalition is petitioning the US Congress to save the country's restaurant industry.
america food found
Leonardo di Caprio Launches America's Food Fund
As chefs like José Andrés man the front line feeding those most in need during the coronavirus pandemic, their plight has been heard by some
Alvaro Clavijo Shelter
Álvaro Clavijo Cooks Up an Idea to Help People, Producers and His Team
The Colombian chef from El Chato in Bogota has worked out how to help people and make money to support his staff. Find out how.
Jose Andres
Spanish Chefs Join Jose Andres to Feed People in Need
Humanitarian chef Jose Andres's relief efforts are gathering momentum in Spain, one of the countries currently hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, as more Spanish chefs join his cause.
Soigne Hospitality Team
Chef Gavin Kaysen Launches a New Foundation to Take Care of his Team
US chef Gavin Kaysen is raising funds for his team and their families with a new non-profit "Heart of the House Foundation."
Rasmus Munk
Rasmus Munk Serves up JunkFood Initiative for Copenhagen's Homeless
Alchemists's chef Rasmus Munk is serving food to the homeless of Copenhagen through the JunkFood organisation
Olmsted staff
Galvanizing the Industry: Olmsted Opens as Community Food Bank
The New York Hospitality Coalition is forming a community from the fractured service industry to try and chart a way out of the coronavirus crisis together.
Join the New York Coalition Campaigning for Disaster Relief for Restaurants
Sign the petition by New York Hospitality Coalition for NYC Governor Andrew Cuomo to suspend sales tax until the State of Emergency ends.
Little Spain
Chef José Andrés Pivots with Community Kitchens
Once again the humanitarian chef steps up with food relief for those who need it most, seconding his own restaurant in NYC and Washington DC. See the details.
Enrico Bartolini and Team
Milan Keeps on Cooking as over 40 Italian Chefs Share Video Recipes Online
Italian chefs and pizza makers launch a campaign to keep cooking alive in the city of Milan sharing video recipes online as their restaurants and pizzerias are forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic.