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Melon Sorbet Dessert With Lavender Flowers

Melon Sorbet Dessert With Lavender Flowers

A delicious melon sorbet recipe with a twist: learn how to prepare this melon dessert, prepared with two melon varieties and served with lavenders flowers.

28 June, 2014
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Dietary Consideration

serves for


total time

3 HR 20 MIN


1/2 with pale yellow flesh
Cantaloupe melon
Lemon juice
4 tbsp
Apple juice
200 ml
Orange liqueur
4 cl (e. g. Grand Marnier)
according to taste
Lavender flowers
4 fresh springs to garnish


De-seed the melons and scoop out 20 balls from each of the melons and set to one side.

Cut the remaining melon flesh into small pieces and puree together with the lemon juice and apple juice.

Sweeten according to taste.

Pour the sorbet mixture into a flat metal bowl and place in a freezer for ca. 3 hours, stirring well every 20-30 minutes with a fork to prevent large ice crystals forming.

Scoop the sorbet into chilled glasses, garnish with the melon balls and lavender sprigs and serve immediately.

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