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Fine Dining Goes 16 Feet Underwater

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Fine Dining Goes 16 Feet Underwater

Foie gras, lobster and champagne can now all be enjoyed seated at a table in a pod five metres underwater at the new Pearl restaurant in Brussels.

The underwater dining experience, which took more than a year to build, is the start of a "new era of restaurants" according to owner and diving enthusiast John Beernaerts, speaking toThe Mirror.

Teathered to the bottom of the NEM033 specialist diving training pool, the cocoon, as Beernaerts refers to it, seats up to four people and costs 99 euros per person to dine.

Expectant diners are strapped into scuba gear complete with flippers to take the 16 foot plunge underwater, to then pop-up in the oyxgenated dining space where they can strip off to swimwear while dining. Scuba divers doubling as waiters appear during the experience with waterproof briefcases full of goodies for a gourmet dinner.

The first couple to make a splash said, "We will remember this dinner for all our lives." So far 16 couples have dined there.

Take a look:


While it all sounds very James Bond, we're not sure about diving and dining. What do you think? Let us know on Facebook.


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