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Mushrooms stuffed

Photo: ©Claudia Concas

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms the Quick and Easy Way

Learn how to cook stuffed portobello mushrooms with this quick and easy recipe from Fine Dining Lovers.

09 March, 2021
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serves for


total time

0 HR 40 MIN


8,, Portobello
100 g
2 cloves
Grape tomato
Parmigiano cheese
80 g
to taste
Extra virgin olive oil
to taste
to taste
Black pepper
to taste

If you don't know how to cook mushrooms, this stuffed portobello mushroom recipe is a good place to start. Portobello mushrooms are a variety similar to champignons, the only difference is the colour (they are a little darker), and the size. Portobello mushrooms are in fact larger than classic champignon mushrooms and for this reason they lend themselves to this preparation.

Stuffed portobello mushrooms can be prepared in dozens of different ways, depending on tastes and eating styles. You can accompany stuffed portobello mushrooms with a garlic or onion sauce, but also with cheese. And if you love contrasts, try to prepare portobello mushrooms stuffed with fish, they go perfectly with seafood, white fish, fatty fish and oysters. Here is the recipe for stuffed portobello mushrooms according to Fine Dining Lovers.

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Step 01

stuffed portobello mushrooms

Photo: ©Claudia Concas



Step 02

Portobello mushrooms

Photo: ©Claudia Concas

To make stuffed portobello mushrooms, start by cleaning the mushrooms. With a damp sheet of kitchen paper, dust all the caps well.

Step 03

Portobello Mushrooms

Photo: ©Claudia Concas

With a small knife, remove the stem leaving intact the chapels that must be stuffed. Using a spoon, remove the gills inside the chapel, being very careful not to break the mushrooms.

Step 04

Portobello mushrooms

Photo: ©Claudia Concas

Finely chop the parsley. Wash the tomatoes, cut them into wedges and remove the internal seeds. Then cut them into cubes thus obtaining a classic concassè.


Step 05


Photo: ©Claudia Concas

Add the breadcrumbs, grated cheese, egg, chopped parsley and tomato concassè, and season with salt and pepper.

Step 06


Photo: ©Claudia Concas

Arrange the portobello mushroom caps on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, with the stem side facing up. Season with a drizzle of oil, salt and pepper.

Step 07


Photo: ©Claudia Concas

Stuff the mushrooms with the filling, add another round of oil and bake at 180 ° C for about 20-25 minutes.

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