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Snowman Christmas Cupcake

Snowman Christmas Cupcake

Christmas cupcakes to celebrate your festive meals: here is an easy step-by-step recipe to prepare funny snowmen cupcakes.

02 December, 2013
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Dietary Consideration

Season & Occasion

serves for


total time

3 HR 15 MIN


175 g
225 g
Vanilla extract
1 tsp
All purpose flour
225 g
Baking powder
2 tsp
125 ml, coconut or plain
75 g, desiccated
200 ml , 48% fat
White chocolate
200 g, good quality, chopped
200 g, (desiccated)
300 g, icing (confectioners’)
Lemon juice
3 tbsp
1 tsp, hot
6, small sugared, halved
24, small hearts or buttons
12 small discs
Edible silver
Candy strawberry belts


For the cupcakes
Heat the oven to 200°C (180° fan) gas 6.

Place paper cases in a 12 hole muffin tin.

Cream the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy.  

Beat in the eggs and vanilla.

Sift in the flour and baking powder and gently fold into the mixture with the yoghurt, until well combined. Stir in the coconut.

Spoon into the paper cases and bake for 15-20 minutes until golden and springy to the touch.

Cool in the tins for 5 minutes then place on a wire rack to cool.  

For the white coconut balls
Heat the cream in a pan to boiling point.

Immediately remove from the heat and add the chocolate.

When the chocolate has melted, stir once and chill for 2 hours until firm.

Scoop out teaspoons of the mixture and roll into 12 balls for the 'heads'.

Sprinkle the coconut on a plate and roll the balls in the coconut until evenly covered.

For the icing
Sift the icing sugar into a bowl and gradually stir in the lemon juice and water until smooth.

Spoon icing on each cake and spread a generous layer with a palette knife.

Sprinkle with coconut and place the snowman heads on top.

Press in the sweet halves for the 'noses' choclate hearts for the 'eyes', liquorice pieces for the 'hats' and silver balls for the buttons.

Place the candy belts on top for scarves. Sprinkle with more coconut and leave to set.

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