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Four Hand Dinner: Lorenzo Cogo & Mikael Svensson

Lorenzo Cogo

Photo courtesy of El Coq  - Vicenza

04-06 November, 2019

Four Hand Dinner: Lorenzo Cogo & Mikael Svensson

Join the Italian chef from Michelin starred El Coq restaurant in Vicenza as he riffs in the kitchen with Swedish chef Mikael Svensson from Kontrast in Oslo in the third edition of the Infusion dinner series.

Lorenzo Cogo, the young Michelin starred chef-patron of the restaurant El Coq of Vicenza is back with the third instalment of the exciting Infusion dinner series. A project that sees some of the most important international chefs cook together at Italian chef's restaurant Le Coq in Vicenza, Italy in a "fusion" of styles, thoughts and creativity.

In November there are two unmissable appointments in the company of the chef from Vicenza.

4 November 2019

On Monday 4 November "A fish Out of water" will be presented to the public at 8.30 pm at the Teatro Comunale in Vicenza, a film which also took part in the 76th Venice International Film Festival. The documentary covers Chef Lorenzo Cogo's journey to Norway to discover the origin of one of the most appreciated and historic ingredients in Italy and especially in Vicenza: the stockfish.

In Norway, the chef was hosted by a group of fishermen from the island of Røst, in the Lofoten archipelago. Here, day after day, he learned the origins of stockfish and the secret that brought this fish to the tables of Italian cuisine over 500 years ago.

By his side Mikael Svensson, a talented Swedish chef with whom Cogo shared ideas and created new recipes to keep the tradition alive. A portion of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to support the Pigafetta 500 cultural association.

And, to celebrate these important goals and a true friendship, the chef Lorenzo Cogo will cook - on the occasion of the third stage of Infusion - together with chef Mikael Svensson, the protagonist of the docu-film and patron of the Kontrast restaurant in Oslo.

6 November 2019

On 6 November at 8:00 pm at the El Coq restaurant in Vicenza, the two talented chefs will be involved in creating unique dishes in an evening in which friendship, creativity and good humour will join tradition and ingredients.

Michelin-starred chef Svensson ranked among the 150 best chefs in the world according to the Best Chef Award List 2018. His cuisine is based on sustainable and organic ingredients from local producers. The dishes include seasonal products and fortified ingredients and, therefore, the menu is constantly evolving throughout the year, sometimes even on a weekly or daily basis. It will surely be a unique one this third of Infusion, which will take guests on an exciting journey between Italy and distant lands.

Intrigued? Take a look at what happened in the previous two Infusion editions when Cogo cooked alongside chef Yasuhiro Fujio and Maksut Askar.

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Four Hand Dinner: Lorenzo Cogo & Mikael Svensson

04-06 November, 2019
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