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How to get barbecue flavour indoors

28 July, 2023
Cooking burgers indoors.

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Smoked seasoning

Smoked paprika.

Probably the easiest way to get the smoky flavour without actually firing up the barbecue is to use smoked spices and seasonings. Smoked paprika will always add a deep smoky flavour, but there many others to choose from, including smoked salt, lapsang souchong, chipotle powder, black cardamom and smoked garlic powder. Barbecue rubs and marinades will do the job also. There are of course readymade preparations you can purchase or you can make your own.

The smoking gun

A very useful kitchen tool for achieving smoky flavour in the kitchen is a portable smoking gun. It looks like a kitchen blowtorch, the gun heating wood chips and allowing you to cleanly and precisely direct smoke onto any food with a minimum of fuss. A handheld smoking gun is great for use with cocktails and mocktails. If you’re a dedicated barbecue enthusiast and can’t get enough of real smoked flavours, this is an invaluable gadget to have to hand in your kitchen.

Walk the plank

A cedar plank is basically a piece of cedar wood that is traditionally used to add smoked cedar wood flavour to salmon. The plank is soaked in water before the salmon is placed on top and cooked in the oven. However, its uses aren’t limited to salmon and fish: meat and of course vegetables can also benefit from cooking on this wood.

Smoked pancetta


Adding smoked pancetta or smoked bacon to any dish that you are preparing, be it pasta, salads, or soups, will not only give you a delicious smoked flavour but you’ll get all the benefits of pork.

Go Korean


Korean barbecue beef, called bulgogi, is a dish that typically uses thinly sliced meat, with a marinade made with Korean pepper paste and a dark soy sauce for flavour. Best served with white rice and kimchi, this dish has wonderful smoky complexity, a flash of heat and lots of flavour.


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