Gourmet Tips

gourmet tips
Gourmet Tips

Gourmet tips are the one thing that stands between you and a gourmet meal.

There are only three real gourmet tips you need to remember: right techniques, right investments and best ingredients. In order to get the pros’ secrets, the first tip will tell you which techniques you must master. Cutting, dicing, and knowing how to sauté an onion, of course, are must-haves. They are the essentials. The second gourmet tip is to invest carefully in good tools. They don’t come cheap, but having some good quality pots and a good set of knives are the best place to start. Gadgets and unnecessary pots and knives are painful and useless investments. Consider what you cook the most and buy just the pots you’ll need for those dishes. Same goes for knives: a chef’s knife, a pairing knife and a bread knife are just enough. Last but not least, the ultimate gourmet tip is to remember that the quality of ingredients will determine the final quality of the meal: choose only the best ingredients. Fresh, local and unprocessed are what you have to look for, not price. Now these tips to good work, and enjoy!<

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