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Champagne Vinegar and Tarragon Infused Chanterelles

Champagne Vinegar and Tarragon Infused Chanterelles

Chanterelles the main ingredient of this recipe: learn how to make Champagne Vinegar and Tarragon Infused Chanterelles with molecular techniques.

06 January, 2014
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Chanterelle mushrooms
1 pint
White wine vinegar
250 ml
80 ml
6 g
Calcium lactate
1 g


Brush chanterelles to remove dirt and peel tough stems.

Place in large food-grade plastic bag. Bring vinegar, salt, and water to a boil.

Stir to dissolve salt then remove froTam heat. Add tarragon and pour over chanterelles in bag.

With a vacuum sealer that can seal liquids
Place in sealer elevated so that the bag opening can stretch evenly across the sealing line above and the liquid doesn’t spill.

Close lid and vacuum seal, watching to make sure you reduce the pressure before the liquid overflows.

Theoretically you could just combine all the ingredients without first dissolving the salt as the machine will bring the liquid to a boil anyway, but this way ensures that the salt dissolves before the bag overflows.

The pickles may be eaten immediately or kept in the fridge for up to three months.

Cut open a corner to serve. Reseal with the vacuum sealer after opening.

With a vacuum sealer that can’t seal liquids
Place bag in a bowl of ice until cool. Transfer open bag to the freezer. Freeze minimum 4 hours.

Remove from freezer and place open end in vacuum sealer, like a three-hole punch. Press down on both sides until sealer locks (you will hear two clicks – one on each side). Press button to vacuum-seal. Press buttons on both sides to release once machine stops. 
Store in fridge for minimum one day (the infusing process requires less time in the oxygen void) and up to 3 months. Cut open to serve. Don’t bother resealing in plastic as you’ll need to refreeze first. Instead, transfer to a clean glass container and store in fridge up to 1 month.

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