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a hurricane cocktail

Hurricane Cocktail

The hurricane cocktail is a refreshing tropical rum-based drink. Discover this easy recipe and the ingredients for the cocktail on Fine Dining Lovers.

06 October, 2022
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Dark Rum
2 OZ (60 ml) Jamaican Rum
Passion Fruit
1 OZ (30 ml) Passion fruit syrup
Lemon juice
1 OZ (30 ml) freshly squeezed





Bar tools

Jigger – dry scoop – shaker – manual juicer


Shake and strain



Step 01

cooling a shaker with ice cubes

Cool and empty the shaker in which the cocktail will be prepared.

Step 02

pouring passion fruit syrup into a jigger

Measure 1 OZ (30 ml) of passion fruit syrup with the jigger and pour into the shaker. 

Step 03

freshly squeezing lemon juice

Squeeze 1 OZ (30 ml) of lemon, using the manual juicer, directly into the jigger to check the exact amount, and pour into the shaker.

Step 04

Measuring rum and pouring into shaker

Measure 2 OZ (60 ml) of Jamaican rum with the jigger and pour into the shaker.

Step 05

chilling a shaker with crushed ice

Fill the shaker 3/4 full with crushed ice. Close it with the cap and shake vigorously until all the metal parts of the shaker have completely cooled down and are covered with condensation.

Step 06

topping off cocktail with crushed ice

Pour the cocktail into the glass. Top up the glass with ice until full.

Step 07

garnishing cocktail with a sprig of mint

Garnish the ready-to-serve cocktail with a sprig of mint.

History and curiosity

This cocktail is attributed to a New Orleans bartender, Pat O'Brien, who in the 1940s thought of using unsold rum in a cocktail served in a lamp-shaped glass, called a hurricane. The drink thus took hold and soon became one of the most popular cocktails in the French Quarter.


Other cocktails to be served in the same type of glass can be considered variants of the hurricane, such as the piña colada, also based on rum.


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