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Edible Garden

Edible Garden Bed - The Secrets of Fine Dining

Learn how to make an edible garden that grows, with professional chef, culinary instructor and food content creator, Natalia Rudakova.

Rudakova is the host of The Secrets of Fine Dining series by Fine Dining Lovers, bringing you incredible tips and tricks, straight from the chef’s kitchen, to level up your fine-dining cooking techniques and plating skills.

Prepare to be amazed as she highlights some incredible, yet simple, molecular gastronomy and fine-dining techniques, which you can re-create at home.

18 October, 2021
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serves for



For the Edible Soil
200g Dark bread / crackers
35g Dark raisins
Liquid smoke
Balsamic vinegar
Sherry vinegar
Dark soy sauce
Sesame oil
5 g
20 g
Olive oil
50 g
Tapioca maltodextrin
For the Garden vegetables:
Baby carrots
Edible flowers
Baby vegetables
Leafy micro greens
Candied moss
Edible stones
Extra Ingredients
Vegetable broth
500 g

How does your garden grow? Learn how to make edible soil with chef Natalia Rudakova, and discover a super trick to make it look like your vegetables are actually growing.

Enjoy eating carrots, mushrooms or any seasonal produce straight from the garden bed.

Watch the video, and follow the step-by-step recipe below to find out how:


To see more videos and fine dining creations from Natalia Rudakova, visit her Youtube channel and follow her on Instagram.

Step 01

Edible Garden_Step one

Crush bread or crackers in a food processor.

Step 02

Edible Garden_Step 2

Mix together with all the non-oily liquid ingredients (less balsamic vinegar) and dehydrate in the oven for 10 min (400F). Crush again.


Step 03

Edible Garden_Step 3

Mix all the oils and balsamic vinegar with tapioca maltodextrin, and mix this powder into the bread mixture.

Step 04

Edible Garden_Step four

Mix in hazelnuts, process slightly and then mix everything. 

Step 05

Edible Garden

To plate

Cook the vegetables.

Step 06

Edible Garden_Step Two_Plating

Attach the baby vegetables to marshmallows and plant them in the soil along with the edible flowers and the micro-greens.

Step 07

Edible Garden_Step Three_Plating

‘Water’ the garden with vegetable broth, so the vegetables appear to grow.

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Natalia Rudakova

Natalia Rudakova

I’m a professional chef, a culinary instructor and a food content creator.