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Pink Señorita

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Pink Señorita

The pink señorita is a lighter, blushing younger cousin of the classic margarita. Learn how to make it here.

17 June, 2021
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Tequila 100% Agave
1 1/2 OZ (45 ml)
Triple sec
1/2 OZ (15 ml) Aurum
Lime juice
1/2 OZ (15 ml)
Sugar Syrup
1/2 OZ (15 ml)
2 OZ (60 ml), juice


Before starting, put a cocktail glass in the freezer to chill. This will optimise the end flavour as there's no ice in this cocktail. 

Cool and empty a shaker - for home use we recommend the 'cobbler shaker', also called traditional or continental. It consists of three parts: a lower part (made of steel, glass or plastic), which acts as a container where the ingredients are added, a first upper part consisting of a perforated cap that serves as a filter, also called a dome, and a second upper part representing the lid, also called hat, to be placed over the filter.

Cocktail glass

Shaker – manual juicer - strainer - jigger

Shake and double strain

Step 01

Pink Senorita lime juice

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Squeeze 1/2 OZ (15 ml) of lime (using the manual juicer) and pour directly into the jigger (to check the exact amount of juice), then pour into the shaker.

Step 02

Pink senorita sugar syrup

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Measure 1/2 OZ (15 ml) of sugar syrup with the jigger and pour into the shaker.

Step 03

Pink senorita grapefruite juice

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Measure 2 OZ (60 ml) of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with the jigger and pour into the shaker.

Step 04

Pink Senorita tequila

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Measure 1 1/2 OZ (45 ml) of tequila 100% agave with the jigger and pour into the shaker.

Step 05

Pink Senorita Aurum

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Dose the jigger with 1/2 OZ (15 ml) of Aurum (the premium version of triple sec with a stronger taste, a typical Italian product from Abruzzo) and pour into the shaker. Fill the shaker up to 3/4 full with ice. 

Step 06

Pink senorita lime

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Take the glass out of the freezer to garnish it with salt. Smear half of the edge of the glass with a slice of lime.

Step 07

Pink senorita salt

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Swirl the wet part of the cup in the fine salt. It is sufficient to lightly garnish the rim of the glass, without exaggerating, otherwise the taste of the salt could dominate that of the tequila.

Step 08

Pink Senorita Ice

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Fill the shaker up to 3/4 full with ice. Close the shaker and shake vigorously until completely iced.

Step 09

pink senorita double strain

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Pour the cocktail by filtering it with a colander (double strain). Double filtering is done to prevent ice flakes from ending up inside the glass.

Step 10

pink senorita serve

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Ready to serve.


The origins of this cocktail are not known, as often happens with the lesser-known variants of traditional cocktails, but it could have been born from the request of some particularly demanding customer, or simply to try something different to the classic margarita. There is no official recipe, this is a version developed by me, but it is possible to make it in many other ways; the most important thing is not to forget the salt on the rim of the glass as well as the freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.


We call it pink señorita or simply señorita, even if to be honest this delicious cocktail based on tequila and grapefruit juice is nothing more than a variant of the classic margarita, so much so that it deserves the nickname of margarita rosa. Whatever name we choose to call it, this delicate drink has an unmistakable flavour, both very fresh and citrusy, a characteristic that makes it perfect for a summery clinking together of glasses.


This recipe is a variation of the margarita cocktail. There is no official version recognised by I.B.A. This version is the result of various pairing tests, starting from the original recipe of margarita and its best known variant: Tommy's margarita.


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Ivan Della Nave

Ivan Della Nave

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