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How To Make Vegan Pad Thai That's Better Than Takeout

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How To Make Vegan Pad Thai That's Better Than Takeout

Homemade vegan Pad Thai brings you a taste of takeout without any of the meat, eggs and animal products used in the classic recipe.

By going vegan you won't sacrifice flavour. In fact, by making this noodle stir fry from scratch you’ll be able to tweak it to your liking and control the fat, calories and sodium content.

Vegan Pad Thai: The Basics

The classic Pad Thai recipe calls for shrimp, eggs and fish sauce. Vegan versions use tofu, loads of veggies and ingredients like soy sauce and maple syrup to mimic the taste of the sweet and salty dressing in the original.

Simple Vegan Pad Thai

This easy recipe for vegan Pad Thai calls for buckwheat noodles, but you can use classic rice noodles if you'd like.

To get around the use of fish sauce, the dressing is a flavourful blend of soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and maple syrup.

Get the full recipe from Simple Vegan Blog.

Raw Vegan Pad Thai

Another way to enjoy vegan Pad Thai is to go raw. Yes, raw!

This recipe from YouTube sensation and cookbook author FullyRawKristina uses spiralised veggies and a tasty sesame-ginger-tamarind dressing to bring it all together.

Take a look: 


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