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All Change: Yannick Alléno Won't Reopen for Business as Usual

21 April, 2021
Yannick Alléno

Credit: Geoffroy de Boismenu

'Table Concierge' Service

Alléno is testing a 'table concierge' service by offering a telephone meeting with his guests prior to their arrival, in order to understand their tastes, allergies and budget. The chef no longer plans to serve imposed menus but personalised ones according to the expectations of the guests. Depending on the wine chosen, the chef will determine whether it should be taken out for a few days before the client arrives and will adapt the sauce of the dish for a perfect match.

This organisation will avoid "a monumental waste" according to Alléno: "In the past, we had to have 15 poultry in the fridge in case someone wanted them.” Knowing which dish to prepare in advance will allow the chef to prepare accordingly.

For a 100% personalised visit, the chef even intends to know certain details of his clients' lives. "If on your wedding day there were white lilies everywhere, we will try to put a bouquet of lilies on the table for a wedding anniversary meal and the initials of the spouses on the napkin," says the chef, who will try now, more than ever, to make your experience in his restaurant unforgettable.

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