food art

Food Art

Food art appears to be growing alongside people’s growing interest in the origin of what they eat.

Farmers markets are more and more popular, and so are strawberries photographed to look like fish, talking oranges and naughty apples. Experimentation with food is a key element to this new trend. One of the most sussessful artists of food art is the photographer Carl Warner: he has developed entire sceneries using edibles. His foodscapes appear to be perfectly natural until, at a second look, the viewer can identify salmon, potatoes, peas and rosemary making up the landscape. An evolution of the work by 16th Century Italian painter Arcimboldo, the awe that comes from food art seems to have created new forms of entertainment connected to food. Some are real masterpieces with food as the main character. Small micro-worlds in which mushrooms look like trees and cut eggplants look like penguins.

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