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Monkfish With Prosciutto and Artichokes

Monkfish With Prosciutto and Artichokes

Impress your guests with this oven-baked layered dish of monkfish, artichoke hearts and potatoes topped with prosciutto

02 October, 2012
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serves for


total time

1 HR 10 MIN


320 g (2 fillets)
300 g, boiled and sliced Charlotte variety
4 each
1 clove
Cured ham
100 g, Sliced
1 g, chopped
1 each
5 g
Olive oil
75 ml
White wine
1/2 glass


Trim the outer leaves off the artichokes, cut top off and scoop out the choke. With a potato peeler, peel down the stem until tender centre.

Place in a sauce pan heads down with olive oil, 1⁄2 clove of garlic and 0,5 g chopped parsley. Add the white wine and cook with a lid on for 25 mins or until tender. Cool and slice length ways.

In a large heavy based frying pan seal monkfish on one side, turn over, and take out of pan. Add potatoes to cook for 1 minute so they get a light golden colour and turn over.

Place monkfish back in pan on top of the potatoes with the sliced artichokes, capers, parsley, chopped garlic (1⁄2 clove) and cover with prosciutto.

Cook in oven at 200°C for 6-8 mins. Squeeze 1⁄2 lemon into pan and a dash of olive oil.

Plate with monkfish served on top of the potatoes with artichokes and prosciutto on top.

Wine paring: Collio Pinot Grigio

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