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Salty Dog Cocktail

Photo: Ivan Della Nave

Salty Dog Cocktail

Made with vodka or gin and grapefruit, the salty dog is the perfect drink for summer. Find out the cocktail recipe and ingredients with Fine Dining Lovers.

26 July, 2022
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serves for



1 1/2 OZ (40 ml)
Grapefruit Juice
3 1/2 OZ (100 ml) (fresh)

Salt crust

High tumbler

Jigger - dry scoop - bar spoon


Step 01

Salty Dog Cocktail preperation

Photo: Ivan della Nave

Make the crust of salt by rubbing the edge of the glass with a slice of grapefruit. Spin the lip of the glass in salt to cover it. For the rim, it is sufficient to lightly garnish the edge of the glass, without exaggerating, to avoid overwhelming the flavour of the cocktail with too much salt.

Step 02

Salty Dog cocktail preperation

Fill the glass with ice.

Step 03

salty dog

Measure with the jigger and pour into the glass 3 1/2 OZ (100 ml) of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

Step 04

Salty Dog

Measure with the jigger and pour 1 1/2 OZ (40 ml) of vodka into the glass.

Step 05

salty dog

Gently emulsify the ingredients using a bar spoon, hold the glass with one hand at the base and with the other rotate the handle of the spoon, resting it against the walls.

Step 06

The cocktail is ready to be served.


The salty dog is the result of the creativity of George Jessel, father of the bloody Mary, but as with many other cocktails, the salty dog also has legendary origins. It might have been invented by the meeting at the bar of some Russian sailors and Texan cowboys. By mixing their respective favourite cocktails, vodka and gin with grapefruit juice, the first version of this drink would be born. The addition of salt has remained to this day.


The salty dog is often confused with the greyhound. How do we distinguish them? The greyhound is made with gin and is served in a cocktail glass. The salty dog is vodka-based, served in a tumbler and has a salt crust on the glass.


An interesting version is the tequila salty dog, better known as perro salado, with the use of tequila instead of vodka.


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Ivan Della Nave

Ivan Della Nave

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