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Edible Dough

Photos: Claudia Concas

Easy Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

Follow this quick and easy recipe to making the perfect edible cookie dough at home for your friends or family with Fine Dining Lovers' tips.

03 June, 2021
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serves for


total time

0 HR 20 MIN


All purpose flour
100 g
50 g
Brown sugar
50 g
Vanilla extract
1 tablespoon
Chocolate drops
30 g
a pinch

Egg-free cookie dough or cookie dough is really easy to make and you can even eat it without baking it. In the United States, it's enriched with chocolate chips, like classic cookies, but you can also add cinnamon, vanilla flavouring, ginger and other ingredients to taste.

Preparing this dough is very simple, here are the ingredients and all the steps to make it. If you are addicted to raw cookie dough, try these fun recipes with a twist.


Step 01

Edible Dough step 01

Photo: Claudia Concas

First, heat the flour for 60 seconds on medium heat.

Step 02

Edible Dough step 02

Photo: Claudia Concas

Put the sugar and butter (at room temperature) in a bowl and whisk the two ingredients together until you get a creamy mixture.

Step 03

Edible Dough step 03

Photo: Claudia Concas

Add a pinch of salt and the vanilla flavoring, then mix again.

Step 04

Edible Dough step 04

Photo: Claudia Concas

Add the flour a little at a time, mixing it into the mixture with a spatula.

Step 05

Edible Dough step 05

Photo: Claudia Concas

Now add the milk and the chocolate chips. Mix well.

Step 06

Edible Dough step 06

Photo: Claudia Concas

Your dough is ready, you can serve it in bowls or use it to prepare biscuits to bake.

Is raw dough bad for you?

To prepare egg-free cookie dough to eat raw, you need to heat the flour in the microwave for 60 seconds in order to make it digestible.

Is it possible to keep the dough in the refrigerator or freezer?

You can store edible cookie dough in the refrigerator for about five days, while in the freezer it can be stored for up to a month. If you decide to freeze the dough, it will be good to first divide it into small parts and freeze them individually, so it will be easier to use it quickly.

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