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Shrimp Tartare With Aromatic Herb Sorbet

Shrimp Tartare With Aromatic Herb Sorbet

A fresh shrimp recipe, with chilled aromatic herb sorbet: a complex and gourmet seafood dish by chef Roland Trettl from Restaurant Ikarus in Salzburg's Hangar 7

13 May, 2012
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serves for


total time

1 HR 40 MIN


150 ml
45 g
3 g (stabilizer for ice cream)
Lemon juice
55 g freshly squeezed
Xanthan gum
3 g
Aromatic herb pasta
Chicken stock
100 ml, cold
Aromatic herb pasta
7,5 ml
Soy lecithin
1 drop
15, fresh, red Sicilian variety
To taste
Lime zest
To taste, freshly grated
Olive oil
To taste
To taste
To taste
To taste


To prepare the aromatic herb pasta read chef Trettl's recipe

Aromatic herb sorbet 
In a pot, mix water with 30 grams of sugar crystals and heat until tepid.
In a cup, mix the remaining sugar with the pink Pectagel, pour into the sugared water and melt, stirring constantly. 
Now add the freshly-squeezed lemon juice and mix. Pout everything into a metal bowl and put the bowl into iced water.
Let cool until it reaches at least 3°C.
Add the aromatic herb pasta and stir until you obtain a smooth cream. 
Fill the Pacojet cup and freeze.
Position the cup in the Pacojet and stir until you obtain the sorbet.
Add the Xanthan, blend and spread the mixture into a small cake mould into ½ cm thickness.
Let the mould stay in the freezer for at least an hour.
Just before serving, cut the sorbet into rectangles (2.5 x 9 cm) and serve. 

Aromatic herb foam
Mix the cold chicken broth with the aromatic herb pasta.
Mix well with a hand blender.
Add the lecithin, blend again and let rest for a while.
Gather the foam with a spoon. 

Shrimp tartare
Peel and cut the shrimp in half lengthwise, de-vein.
Wash under cold running water and pat dry with paper towels.
Cut the shrimp into small pieces and marinate with fine sea salt, grated lime peel and olive oil.
Divide the tartar into 4 moulds (2.5 x 9 cm), press down and chill for several minutes. 

Finishing the plate
Prepare 4 plates, each with shrimp tartare; remove the mould and add a rectangle of aromatic herb sorbet.
Garnish the sorbet with watercress, basil and nasturtium leaves.
Surround the plate on three sides with the aromatic herb foam and serve immediately.

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