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#LSDM Paestum 2019

Heinz Beck - LSDM

Photo: Alessandra Farinelli 

01-02 October, 2019

#LSDM Paestum 2019

The twelfth edition of the Italian haute cuisine congress invites dozens of Italian and international chefs to focus on "The future of cooking, ethics, sustainability, aesthetics" during two days of top cooking.

Everything is set for the next edition of LSDM - Le Strade della Mozzarella, the event created by Barbara Guerra and Albert Sapere and sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna. Now in its twelfth edition, the haute cuisine Italian food congress will take place on 1 and 2 October at the Sovoy Beach Hotel in Paestum, Italy. Dozens of major players in the contemporary gastronomic scene will be in town - including chefs, pizza masters, pastry chefs and maître - who will all be asked to reflect on the future of gastronomy in terms of sustainability.

The theme of the 2019 edition, is "The future of cooking, ethics, sustainability, aesthetics" addressing the gastro-humanist approach of cooking and some ethical aspects of the role of the chef.

Raw materials will be examined from a new perspective and will be analyzed taking into consideration not only the gustatory parameters but also and above all the aspects linked to health and the environment.

Topics will be addressed with by wide spectrum of Italian and international chefs: ranging from the great protagonists to young talents, through to supporters of the culinary new wave. They range from Mauro Uliassi to Moreno Cedroni, from master pizza makers Lorenzo Sirabella and Denis Lovatel to Michelin starred young chefs such as Davide Caranchini and Matteo Metullio, up to great international names such as the French chef Alain Passard.

Alain Passard

Alain Passard

The LSDM programme opens with chef Ernesto Iaccarino, accompanied by journalist and essayist Pino Aprile. The first day of the congress will be dedicated to the theme of "changes in contemporary signature cuisine, between past, present and future", with a focus on Italian chefs abroad who represent Italian cuisine at its highest level across the globe, as well on pizza and 5 of the special prizes awarded by 50 Top Pizza.

The second day, instead, will focus on the theme "The future of Italian catering", which will see young talents as protagonists, as well as great Italian and international masters, who will close the congress.



The future of gastronomy 

Tuesday 1 October 2019

At 9.45 Congress opens

At 10.00 The Great Changes in Cooking

Ernesto Iaccarino e Pino Aprile
Mauro Uliassi
Moreno Cedroni

12.00 The Health of the Plate

Marco Malaguti

12.30 The Dining Room

Mariella Caputo, Stefania Giordano, Lorenza Vitali, Matteo Zappile


Ore 15.00 Italy outside of Italy

Umberto Bombana (Hong Kong)
Massimiliano Sena (Switzerland)
Danilo Cortellini (UK)
Mario Gamba (Germany)
Nicola Fanetti (Denmark)

17.00 Garrison Price and Riccardo Orfino (US) with Peppe Guida e Eleonora Cozzel18.00 The Future of Pizza

Lorenzo Sirabella
Salvatore Lioniello
Pier Daniele Seu
Denis Lovatel
Ciro Salvo


Wednesday 2 October 2019


9.30 Education at the highest level

Giuseppe Cerasa
Antonio Scuteri
Paolo Marchi
Carlo Ottaviano
Federico De Cesare Viola
Luigi Cremona
Antonella De Santis
Modera: Guido Barendson

Ore 10.30 The dark side of the Cook

Antonio Labriola

11.00 The future of the Italian restaurant

Lucia Galasso: The anthropological challenges of catering: between ethics, sustainability and cultural competence

Marco Ambrosino
Davide Caranchini
Gianluca Gorini
Matteo Metullio


Nicoletta Polliotto – Food Experience Design

Karime Lopez Kondo
Oliver Piras
Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto
Andrea Leali


15.30 Training at the highest level

Andrea Sinigaglia – General Manager di ALMA – The International School of Italian Cookery

Matteo Lorito – Director of the Department of Agriculture of the Federico II and director of the Degree Course in Mediterranean Gastronomic Sciences

Modera: Luciano Pignataro


16.30 The aesthetics of Taste

Cesare Cunaccia

17.00 The future of cooking, where will we be?

Salvatore Tassa
Antonia Klugmann
Bruno Verjus
Alain Passard

event name

#LSDM Paestum 2019

01-02 October, 2019
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