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Latin America's 50 Best Talks 2019

Latin America's 50 Best Talks 2019
09 October, 2019

Latin America's 50 Best Talks 2019

Vanessa González, Elena Reygadas, Joaquín Grimaldi and Jesús Escalera will be on the panel at this chef talk ahead of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants ceremony giving voice to the importance of bread and dessert.

The latest of #50BestTalks, presented by Miele, will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires on Wednesday 9 October from 10am local time, as part of Latin Amerca's 50 Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Four leading chefs, Jesus ladder, Elena Reygadas, Joaquin Grimaldi and Vanessa Gonzalez, will be on stage sharing their ideas on the theme of "bread and dessert" and putting these often-overlooked but no less important parts of the dining experience in the spotlight.

From the balance of sweet and savoury to dietary requirements and health considerations, the importance of bread and dessert will be championed in the hands of experts.

The Chef Discussion Panel

Jesús Escalera - La Postrería, Guadalajara, Mexico
Latin America's Best Pastry Chef will talk about the inspiration behind some of his signature desserts, which include Sweet Mexico, a tasting of three mini tacos containing cactus, herbs, cacao and green tomato.

Elena Reygadas - Rosetta and Panadería Rosetta, Mexico City, Mexico
Latin America’s Best Female Chef in 2014, will talk about the importance of bread and desserts in Mexican culture, allergies and intolerances in the restaurant world, and bread.

Joaquín Grimaldi - Four Seasons Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Grimaldi will talk about the fine balance of Italian heritage and Argentine innovation in ice cream and how he turned ice cream into a dish in its own right.

Vanessa Gonzalez  - Parador La Huella, José Ignacio, Uruguay
González will talk about her childhood food memories and La Huella’s signature decadent dulce de leche volcano.


The talks will take place the day before the award ceremony and announcement of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, which will be live streamed on The World's 50 Best Facebook, starting at 20:30 local time (23:30 GMT). 

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Latin America's 50 Best Talks 2019

09 October, 2019
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