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Food Through a Microscopic Lens

Food Through a Microscopic Lens
30 December, 2018

Food Through a Microscopic Lens

A look at the upcoming show of microscopic food artist Caren Alpert

Caren Alpert is a unique artist who take pictures of food using an electron microscope. Chocolate, shrimp, cookies and candy take on a whole new life under the lens of Alpert.

The artist has just announced two new shows - one coming on October the 2nd at the Bertha V.B Lederer Gallery in San Francisco.

Her work sheds a new light on foods and it's a must to be seen close up in all it's high-res glory. The picture above is of a kiwi seed at 320x magnification.

Chocolate Cake (320x magnification)



Celery Leaf (85x magnification)



Red licorice (20x Magnification)



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Food Through a Microscopic Lens

30 December, 2018
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