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2013 Food Film Festival Agenda

2013 Food Film Festival Agenda
30 December, 2018

2013 Food Film Festival Agenda

The Food Film Festival allows movie viewers to savor cuisine from the films on the big screen. This year's agenda includes NYC, Chicago and Charleston, SC.

Forget popcorn at the movies. The Food Film Festival lets you eat what you see. That means if you're salivating over chocolate on screen, chances are you'll also be feasting on it at the same time. At least that's what this unique film festival proposes.

The Food Film Festival began in Brooklyn back in 2007. Since it was founded, the competitive film fest has spread to Chicago and Charleston, South Carolina. The concept is simple: visitors get dinner and a movie while filmmakers compete for various awards.

The dates for this year's film festivals have finally been announced. Charleston is gearing up for its inaugural Food Film Fest to be held May 10-11th. New York City will celebrate its Food Film Fest on October 23-27th while the event will come to Chicago on November 21-23rd.

The Food Film Festival will present awards in various categories including Best Food Porn, Best Short and Food Filmmaker of the Year.

Below you'll find trailers of two of the participating films:  Ramen Dream, which follows blogger Keizo Shimamoto to Tokyo, and Zergut, an animated food porn short.

For more information and to see the complete film lineup, please visit the Food Film Festival website.

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2013 Food Film Festival Agenda

30 December, 2018
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