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10 Tasty Alternatives to Turkey This Thanksgiving

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10 Tasty Alternatives to Turkey This Thanksgiving

Tradition dictates you serve roasted turkey on Thanksgiving. But who says you have play by those rules?

If you're not big on turkey or are planning a small gathering there's no need to roast a huge bird. Instead, here are some elegant alternatives that would look just as beautiful at the center of your holiday table.

Take a look and start planning your holiday menu today.

Turkey Alternative: Go with Goose 

Goose breast is a great alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving because it is smaller and will cook much quicker.

Pair it with dried apricots, rosemary, carrots and cloves and you've got yourself and irresistible main course. 

Find the recipe here.

Turkey Alternative: Delicious Duck

Take your Thanksgiving meal to the next level by dishing up duck breast drenched in a luxurious pomegranate sauce with a hint of cayenne pepper.

Here is the must-try recipe.

Turkey Alternative: Bacon and Chicken

Bacon makes everything better and Thanksgiving is no exception.

Skip the turkey and opt for a bacon-wrapped chicken breast roasted with shallots. You could make one for each guest and not have to worry about carving a huge bird.

Get the winning recipe now.

Turkey Alternative: Smoked Ham

Pork lovers will delight in having a tasty smoked ham instead of turkey for Thanksgiving.

Here is an easy three-ingredient ham recipe.

Turkey Alternative: Pan-Roasted Pigeon

If you are fortunate enough to find pigeon at your local butcher shop then you've got to try this recipe from celebrated British chef Theo Randall.

He pairs pan-roasted pigeon with chanterelles sautéed in garlic, blanched swiss chard and marsala wine.

Turkey Alternative: Meatloaf with Herbs

Anyone should be so lucky to be served this elegant meatloaf on Thanksgiving.

The process is the same as with standard meatloaf, except for the addition of herbs like sage, parsley and thyme, which add flavor and juiciness. A garlicky herb sauce makes it all that more festive.

Get the recipe now.

Turkey Alternative: Beef Wellington

This decadent dish is an ideal Thanksgiving main course.

A tender beef fillet is smothered in a savory mushroom sauce, covered in puff pastry and baked to perfection.

Here is the killer recipe.

Turkey Alternative: Roasted Pheasant 

Mix things up by serving game on your festive occasion. The sweet and salty flavor combination of pheasant, bacon and prunes will delight everyone's palate.

Learn how to make it.

Turkey Alternatives: Lamb Rack

A tender lamb rack is an impressive looking roast to present at the table, your guests are sure to forget about the turkey.

Roast up with a mix of veggies in the same pan for a full on flavour fusion.

Here is the juicy recipe.

Turkey Alternative: Opt for Salmon

Salmon is an unconventional turkey alternative but it is still a tasty one, especially for vegetarian folks who enjoy seafood.

Opt for this Tasmanian-style salmon filet slathered with lemongrass, purslane, salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar. The flavor is to die for.

Learn how to make it.

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