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President Biden Says Restaurants Need to Pay Staff More

23 July, 2021
Joe Biden

Biden’s comments came just as news broke that Congress introduced the ‘ENTRÉE Act' to add $60 billion to the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. The acronym ‘'ENTRÉE Act’ stands for Entrepreneurs Need Timely Replenishment for Eating Establishments Act, and is the first in a projected series in top-ups for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

Certainly, the landscape has shifted permanently. Even before the pandemic, the industry was creaking at the seams in regards to training and maintaining staff. Poor working conditions, low wages, stress, abusive workplace environments, unsocial hours, no benefits - when we take all these things into account, it is no surprise that many are choosing to hang up their aprons and take up a job, which while not being their life’s passion, will at least give them better conditions, time off to spend with family and better long-term health.

For many in the industry, it is time for a new business model, and there are a number of restauranteurs doing things differently that could serve as a model for others to plot a better way forward.

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