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Enhance Wine at the Touch of a Button

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Enhance Wine at the Touch of a Button

Decanting can make a world of difference with wines, but wouldn’t it be great if you could aerate your wine and improve its flavour profile, well, a little quicker?

The Vineara, a gadget that attaches to the end of your wine bottle, will aerate your wine as you pour, its maker claim, improving the flavours and aromas, and softening natural tannins, meaning no lengthy wait for your wine to be at its best. The wine is exposed to six times more oxygen than with traditional decanting, plus the sediment is left in the bottle. 

The ‘world’s first electronic wine aerator’ can also be used to enhance spirits and is available for £75 ($93), plus delivery from Watch it in action in the video below.

Here are three more tricks for how to improve wine, including how to quickly decant it in a blender. Or how about this gadget that ages wine in 72 hours?

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