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Food Technology

Who said that geeks and foodies don't mix? They are often one and the same. If you feel this combination might describe you, why not navigate our tech for foodies suggestions?

Discover with us the perfect pairing of fine dining and hi-tech and understand that kitchen and tech do indeed mix. There are a lot of tech goodies out there for you: gourmet gadgets, appetizing apps and mouth-watering websites. All you need to be tech-cool and gourmet ready!

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Bacon patch
New Bacon Patch Helps People Eat Less Meat
Experimental psychologist Charles Spence gives scientific grounding to new "meat patch" in a bid to satify bacon cravings.
Pim Techamuanvivit
Michelin Chef to Sue Over Fake Seamless and Grubhub Accounts
Thai chef Pim Techamuanvivit's tweet about a fake account for her restaurant Kin Khao on Grubhub went viral.
Julia Cookingpal
This AI-cooker shops, cooks and even washes itself
More than simply an aid, the latest all-in-one cooker is like a personal sous chef that can do almost everything in the cooking process. Would you go for it?
Fake steak by Novameat
Is this the most realistic fake steak ever?
Novameat has developed a 3D printed fake beef steak that mimics the taste and meaty texture of real meat, claiming that it is the most realistic fake steak to date.
Bot Chef Robot Samsung
The kitchen robot all chefs should fear
Samsung's Chef Bot, an AI-powered kitchen robot turned heads at CES 2020 and shows how robots could fit into the kitchen of the future.
Chef cooking with AI
AI looks to change the way we cook and eat
Sony have announced a new AI organisation that will focus on, among other things, gastronomy in order to change the way we cook and eat.
Maillard reaction
The science of Maillard
In the space of a few years, the term Maillard has crept into our everyday language to such an extent that it is often used to by those wishing to flaunt their scientific knowledge of cooking.
Les Merveillœufs
The vegan egg
Two French biologists have solved the notoriously difficult vegan egg problem and developed Les Merveillœufs, which loos, acts and tastes like an egg, but is
Les Merveillœufs
Two French women have cracked the vegan egg
The notoriously difficult vegan egg problem looks to have been cracked by two female French biologists.
Tokyo road
Tokyo’s top 5 ramen restaurants according to AI
A Japanese start-up has compiled a list of the top ramen restaurants in Tokyo according to Artificial Intelligence.
Forget water into wine, this start-up turns air into vodka
Air Co has devised a way to produce Vodka that uses co2, which is actually carbon negative.
bottle of wine
French wine sent into space. For ageing
A case of French wine was sent to the International Space station as part of an experiment to study the effects of ageing in space.