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food technology

Food Technology

Who said that geeks and foodies don't mix? They are often one and the same. If you feel this combination might describe you, why not navigate our tech for foodies suggestions?

Discover with us the perfect pairing of fine dining and hi-tech and understand that kitchen and tech do indeed mix. There are a lot of tech goodies out there for you: gourmet gadgets, appetizing apps and mouth-watering websites. All you need to be tech-cool and gourmet ready!

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John Legend, co-founder of It's Good.
It’s Good: a platform for positive restaurant reviews only
Singer John Legend has co-founded an app for restaurant reviews that allows positive reviews only.
Luminary at Rafi, Sydney.
AI-generated restaurant concept pops-up in Sydney
Luminary, a restaurant concept generated by artificial intelligence, will pop up at Rafi restaurant in July.
CloudChef crab curry.
CloudChef wants to bring the world’s best dishes to you
An ambitious California start-up says it can perfectly reproduce fine-dining recipes and bring them to your door. Flora Tsapovsky investigates.
A man giving a presentation on a stage infront of an audience
Auston Bunsen on the Benefits of NFTs for Food Businesses
Watch and learn as the co-founder and CTO of offers real insight into how NFTs can enable membership and exclusivity in the food and restaurant world.
Vertical farm
World's Largest Vertical Farm Opens in Dubai
Emirates Airlines' catering unit has opened the world's largest vertical farm in Dubai. Read on to find out more.
Champagne NFT
FDL+ World's Most Expensive Bottle of Champagne Sold for $2.5 Million
A magnum of champagne with its own NFT went for $2.5 million at auction, making it the most expensive champagne ever sold. Find out more.
Crypto Pintxos
Crypto Pintxos - Metaverse Dinner
Crypto Pintxos is a project of LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab at Basque Culinary Center, Center for Distributed Ledger Techn
FDL+ Meals in the Metaverse: The Future of Digital Dining
An increasing amount of day-to-day life is being lived in the digital realm, so how might the immersive virtual world of the metaverse affect the way we dine? Rafael Tonon dons his VR goggles and investigates.
Elon Musk
FDL+ Elon Musk and Tesla Enter the Restaurant Game
Elon Musk and Tesla have filed plans to open a 24-hour diner in Hollywood. Find out more.
Scrabble letters
Phoodle: Winning Tips and Strategies
Try these clever tips and strategies for the online word game Phoodle - the Wordle for food lovers. Take a look.