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Food Technology

Who said that geeks and foodies don't mix? They are often one and the same. If you feel this combination might describe you, why not navigate our tech for foodies suggestions?

Discover with us the perfect pairing of fine dining and hi-tech and understand that kitchen and tech do indeed mix. There are a lot of tech goodies out there for you: gourmet gadgets, appetizing apps and mouth-watering websites. All you need to be tech-cool and gourmet ready!

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Adidas Announces Vegan Shoes Made with Mushrooms
The German shoe manufacturer Adidas has announced its first fully sustainable plant-based sneaker made from Mylo a mushroom leather by Bolt Threads.
Made by Chef
Made by Chefs: Mugs, Bags and Kitchen Swag
Support your favourite restaurants by taking your pick of merchandise, from t-shirts and baseball caps to knives and kitchen ware, from the US to Spain.
Meet the Woman Behind the AI that Tastes Wine
Katerina Axelsson is the founder of Tastry, a sensory science company that uses artificial intelligence to match consumers' tastes with thousands of wines. But does this spell the end for sommeliers? Read on and find out.
London Growing Avocadoes by 2050
Londoners Could be Growing Avocados by 2050
Lemons, avocados, mangoes and more could be growing on trees in the UK capital within the next 30 years given the current pace of global warming, as highlighted in a new hothouse exhibit as part of London Design Festival.
Smell By Labels
Scratch-and-Sniff 'Smell-By' Labels Could Cut Food Waste
A UK food waste initiative has launched 'smell by' labels to educate consumers on how to 'sniff out' whether food is still edible or not, without blindly relying on 'best before' dates.
Dandelion_Cookies_Tesla©Nick Katkov
Tesla Engineer Retools the Chocolate Chip
The 80 year old American chocolate chip has been given a total makeover in the hands of Tesla design engineer. Take a look at the new ultimate chip.
Beo Bia
Grow your own Grubs - Are Mealworms the Future of Homegrown Protein?
It's time to grow your own insects at home with a new countertop insect growing pod! Take a look!
Salad Bar
Say Hello to Sally, the 6-foot Salad Robot
Self-serve salad bars have taken a serious hit during the coronavirus pandemic, leaving room for technology to fill the void. Meet Sally, the world's first fresh food robot.
Edible Cutlery_EdiblePRO
Women Quit IBM Jobs to Make Edible Cutlery
Discover why a pair of Indian women decided to leave their desk jobs and follow their hearts, building an eco-friendly edible tableware business instead.
12 Ingredients Trending in Fine Dining in 2020 According to AI
Fine Dining Lovers has teamed up with Tatsewise an AI-powered food intelligence platform to bring you the top 12 ingredients trending in fine dining.