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Pia León’s guide to Barranco

Chef Pia León and Barranco, Lima.


Pia León’s guide to Barranco

The Kjolle chef shares her favourite spots to eat in this vibrant part of Lima, Peru, as well as tips for the best shops to browse.
29 June, 2023

The Barranco neighbourhood is known as a bohemian enclave in Peru’s capital, Lima. It’s also home to the World’s Best Restaurant, Central, headed up by chefs/husband and wife Virgilio Martínez and Pia León, and the latter’s Kjolle restaurant.

Below is León’s guide to the best places to eat in Barranco, an expert guide to the neighbourhood’s best stops for coffee, sweet cravings, traditional food and more.

In addition, if you’re in town and looking for non-food related gifts for yourself or a loved one, León recommends Don Bosco Artisans and Null Lab for crafts, and Puna and Unø concept stores and La Zapateria handmade shoes and Escvdo for the more design/fashion conscious. For books, León recommends La Rebelde (“a meeting place for Barranco’s community”) and Placeres Compulsivos

Leon will also be a Grand Juror at the forthcoming S.Pellegrino Young Chef Aacdemy Competition 2022-23.


Alanya in Barranco, Lima.

Photo courtesy of Alanya

“A pastry shop by Zara Alanya, offering signature pastries, as well as a crazy variety of 20 different filled croissants. It´s the perfect stop for a sweet craving.”

Ciclos Café

Coffee at Ciclos Café in Barranco, Lima.

Photo courtesy of Ciclos Café

“Speciality coffee place in the heart of Barranco, directed by coffee expert Felipe Aliaga. On the second floor, at El Cacaotal, anthropologist Amanda Jo Wildey has curated a very special selection of chocolate bars with native cacao varieties.” 


Pastries at Demo in Barranco, Lima.

Photos courtesy @mmmsikic and @__astrostudio

"Demo, run by chef Juan Luis Martinez, is a fantastic place for breakfast or brunch, pastries, bread and great coffee, and is super close to Casa Tupac." 

Juanito de Barranco

“Juanito de Barranco is an emblematic tavern, founded in 1937, by Juan Casusol, a classic among the cultural movement of Lima at the time. It is known for its country ham sandwich, which still maintains its original flavour. This place is a hidden gem in Barranco and a little trip back to the past.” 

La Calandria

“La Calandria is a bio-shop that promotes good living through the consumption of ecological products, healthy for people and the environment, and valuing the work of producers at a national level.”

Vacas Felices

“A family-owned, local, self-sustainable company dedicated to the agroecological production of dairy products, which promotes entrepreneurship in these fields. You can find their own products and a selection of other selected products in their bio shop in Barranco.”