'Terroir' Symposium Unlocks Budapest's Food Scene

'Terroir' Symposium Unlocks Budapest's Food Scene
December 30, 2018

'Terroir' Symposium Unlocks Budapest's Food Scene

A groundbreaking four-day symposium will bring culinary leaders together to discover Hungary's rich and growing gastronomy scene, from producers upwards.

Hundreds of chefs, producers, hoteliers, wine experts, culinary tourism experts, journalists, media and international business leaders will gather together for the first ever edition of S.Pellegrino sponsored Terroir Budapest on 30 October.

The innovative food symposium, which started life in Canada,  will explore the topics facing the Hungarian capital's emerging food scene as well as discovering the hidden facets of this gastronomic gem. Work being done by those fostering its growth will also be celebrated in a series of interactive workshops, masterclasses and learning salons hosted by local and international experts.

The full terroir experience adds an additional three days to the schedule to allow visitors to discover the rich and little-explored produce of the land, from 28 to 30 October. Culinary tours, dinners, wine tastings and more will all be on offer to explore the very best of the up and coming food venues. A number of international chefs including USA's Amanda Cohen, Toronto's Albert Ponzo and Sebastian Frank from Berlin and other culinary experts will also be on hand to give their spin.

In a country that boasts the much revered Mangalitsa Pigs and Grey Cow breeds it also has plenty of other surprises up its sleeve when it comes to local produce. Including, claim to being Europe’s largest producer of Fois Gras - a title which is often mistakenly given to the French. A whole armoury of other significant produce including artisanal cheeses (goat being the most popular) fruit, vegetables and 22 different wine regions make it a worthy contender for an exciting foodie visit.

The internationally renowned forum has already expanded its audience from its home in Canada, as Arlene Stein, founder and director of Terroir explains: “After the resounding success of Terroir Berlin in May 2017 and after 12 years of successful community programming in Canada, Terroir has increased its audience exponentially.” 

Terroir has limited spaces available for culinary enthusiasts to join its exploration - either throughout the full itinerary of events, or during a four-day Budapest tour.



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'Terroir' Symposium Unlocks Budapest's Food Scene

December 30, 2018
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