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A Taste of Toscana Returns to Israel

A Taste of Toscana Returns to Israel
30 December, 2018

A Taste of Toscana Returns to Israel

Over 20 restaurants in Israel are celebrating the flavours of Tuscany accompanied by Acqua Panna mineral water. Find out what's cooking and where.

"A Taste of Toscana" returns for a second year following its successful launch in Tel Aviv last summer. This year, the Tuscan Festival dedicated to celebrating iconic Italian flavours will roll out in 23 participating restaurants across Israel for an entire month, until 18 June 2017.

Each of the carefully selected fine dining restaurants across the country, from Tel Aviv to Haifa, have created a special Tuscan dish to supplement their regular house menu for the occasion, and each will come served with a bottle of Acqua Panna, premium mineral water.

Those hungry for extra news and info about Tuscany and Acqua Panna can visit Time-Out Magazine's dedicated portal "A Taste of Toscana" and find a healthy serving of articles along with full details about the restaurants and special dishes, from Tuscan bruschetta to roasted jumbo shrimps served with Tuscan ratatouille. 

See some of the dishes below, plus a list of the participating restaurants.



Participating Restaurants Across Israel and their Taste of Toscana Dish

Italkia Ba'TachanaRoasted Jumbo Shrimps Stuffed with Tuscan Ratatouille 

AlloraHot Pancanella Salad

Griberg BistroBistro Cacciucco 

David VeYossefCaprese 

Radioactive Risotto 

DallalGreen Fettuccine

MagazzinoAsparagus Pizza

TitoChicken Stew 

Machneyuda Panforte de Siena

Mysticism a la Fiorentina

Mariposa Crusted Argyrosomus

Habank Linguini Carbonara

Pastel Scorched broccoli

Social ClubLiver Bruschetta

PopinaTuscan risotto 

PappasCampanella Mussar 

Piazza Gnocchi Mussar 

Fish MarketRavioli Spinach Ricotta in Sage cream 

Kazan Linguini Spring Chicken 

ChakraWild fillet and caponeta 

Kitchen MarketA fresh pasta sheet, Raghu lamb and asparagus 

Cafe Italia
Pasta in cold cherry tomato sauce

Café Noir Tuscan Bruschetta


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A Taste of Toscana Returns to Israel

30 December, 2018
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