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'Le Strade della Mozzarella' Is Coming Soon

'Le Strade della Mozzarella' Is Coming Soon
13-14 April, 2015

'Le Strade della Mozzarella' Is Coming Soon

All roads lead to Paestrum, Italy for the 2015 edition of Le Strade della Mozzarella, a haute cuisine congress dedicated to buffalo mozzarella.

In a few short weeks Southern Italy will welcome cheese lovers from all over the world to Le Strade della Mozzarella, a haute cuisine congress dedicated to the country's exquisite buffalo mozzarella and the foods it goes into, such as the legendary Neapolitan pizza.

The gourmet food festival dubbed The Mozzarella Roads has already made pit stops in Paris, London and Geneva and is headed to the Savoy Beach Hotel in Paestrum on April 13th to 14th.

Sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, the 2015 edition of Le Strade della Mozzarella is themed 'An Essential Voyage' and will feature the participation of cheese makers, artisans and producers from the Campania region. Participating chefs like Massimo Bottura, Matias Perdomo and Roberto Flore from the Nordic Food Lab.

Check out what's in store by taking a look at the full program below:

Monday April 13th

10.45 Greeting by Domenico Raimondo, president of the Consorzio mozzarella di bufala campana DOP
11.00 Pino Cuttaia (moderator Enzo Vizzari)
12.00 Niko Romito (moderator Marco Bolasco)
13.00 Giuliano Baldessari (moderator Enzo Vizzari)
14.00 Emanuele Scarello (moderator Paolo Marchi)
16.00 Heinz Beck (moderator Fiammetta Fadda)
17.00 Ciccio Sultano (moderator Luigi Cremona)
18.00 Sang Hoon Degeimbre (moderator Maria Canabal)
19.00 Jaques Genin (moderator Eleonora Cozzella)

Pasta Mozzarella and Pummarola Salon

12.00 Cristina Bowerman (moderator Antonio Scuteri)
14.00 Ernesto Iaccarino (moderator Guido Barendson)
16.00 Oliver Glowig
18.00 Rosanna Marziale (moderator Stefano Caffarri)

Rock and White Salon

13.00 Igles Corelli (moderator Fiammetta Fadda)
15.00 Matias Perdomo (moderator Claudio Sacco)
17.00 Luigi Taglienti (moderator Alberto Cauzzi)
19.00 Bo Bech (modera Mattias Kroon)

Tuesday April 14th 

Kind of White Salon

“Neapolitan pizza, whole wheat or integrated,” moderator Luciano Pignataro
11.00 “We are all waiters,” moderator Paolo Marchi
12.00 Christian Puglisi (moderator Mattias Kroon)
13.00 Salvatore Tassa (moderator Guido Barendson)
14.00 Roberto Petza (moderator Marco Bolasco)
16.00 Paco Morales (moderator Angela Barusi)
17.00 Kobe Desramaults (moderator Maria Canabal)
18.00 Piergiorgio Parini (moderator Eleonora Cozzella)
19.00 Massimo Bottura (moderator Fiammetta Fadda)

Pasta, Mozzarella and Pummarola Salon

11.00 Francesco Sposito (moderator Enzo Vizzari)
13.00 Francesco Apreda (moderator Lorenza Fumelli)
15.00 Christian and Manuel Costardi (moderator Enzo Vizzari)
17.00 Riccardo Camanini (moderator Andrea Petrini)

Rock and White Salon

12.00 Giovanni Passerini (moderator Alberto Cauzzi)
14.00 Marianna Vitale (moderator Stefano Caffarri)
16.00 Roberto Flore, Nordic Food Lab (moderator Paolo Marchi)
18.00 Cristian Torsiello (moderator Luigi Cremona)

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'Le Strade della Mozzarella' Is Coming Soon

13-14 April, 2015
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