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Inaugural Kobe Beef Summit and Dinner

Kobe Beef

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22-28 October, 2019

Inaugural Kobe Beef Summit and Dinner

Leading chefs will learn the full production process behind wagyu and kobe beef before championing the sought after meat in a collaborative dinner on 27 October.

The first official Kobe Beef Summit with Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association will take place from 22nd to 28th October 2019 in Japan.
This marks the first-ever occasion for international chef and media to take a behind the scenes look at the production of the highly sought after wagyu and Kobe beef during a week-long tour.

For the first time ever, participants will be allowed full access to the entire process, from field to plate, from rearing such cattle through to cooking the meat. The event will be centred around the 101st Livestock Auction in Kobe, which is the only annual livestock auction for Tajima and Kobe beef.

Naturally, the week will close with a spectacular dinner, open to the public, celebrating the unique meat on the 27 October.
On Sunday 27th October a selection of fine chefs will prepare a collaborative dinner at  WM by WAGYUMAFIA in Tokyo, each presenting a dish inspired by their participation in the summit.

Here's the line-up:

Hisato Hamada (WAGYMAFIA) Richie Lin - Mume (1 Michelin Star - Taiwan) Richard Ekkebus - Amber (2 Michelin Stars - Hong Kong) Jordy Navarra - Toyo Eatery (No 43 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants - Manila)Paul Carmichael - Momofuku Seiōbo (2 Hats Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide - Sydney) Tomos Parry - Brat (1 Michelin Star - London) 

Wagyu Beef
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Inaugural Kobe Beef Summit and Dinner

22-28 October, 2019
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