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Gourmet Days St Petersburg 2019

Gourmet Days St Petersburg 2019: What's on and What's New
01-30 June, 2019

Gourmet Days St Petersburg 2019

The international culinary extravaganza rolls out across the city's best restaurants from 1 to 16 June with a top line-up of local and international chefs.

St.Petersburg Gourmet Days, in partnership with Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino, returns for a third year with an illustrious line-up of world class chefs and dinners and an extended duration, from 1 to 16 June 2019 . 

This year's international culinary extravaganza promises to be even bigger and better with a programme lasting over two weeks in celebration of the rising food profile in Russia's imperial capital.

Step inside the fine dining scene in St.Petersburg


This year, twelve local restaurants will host as many international chefs from across Asia, Europe and America joining in the festivities.

Diego Rossi from Trippa in Milano, Jordy Navarra from Toyo Eatery in Manila, Josh Angus from London Hide, Richie Lin from Mume in Taiwan, Ivan Brehm from Nouri in Singapore,Douglas McMaster from Silo in Brighton in the UK, Atsushi Tanaka from A.T in Paris, Thitid Tassanankajohn from Le Du in Bangkok,  Joaquim Saragga Leal (Taberna Sal Grosso, Lisbon); Óscar Calleja (Annua, San Vicente, Spain); Tim Butler (Eat Me, Bangkok); Arlette Eulert (Matria, Lima). Each will participate in the unique dinner series of alongside some of the most progressive chefs in St.Petersburg in some of the cities best restaurants.

Purchase online tickets by visiting the page for each participating chef here.



This year St Petersburg’s participating chefs and restaurants are: Igor Zorin (The Repa / Terrassa), Hezret-Arslan Berdiev (Birch), Dmitry Bogachef (Mr.Bo / Mansarda / Gastronomika), Dmitry Blinov (Harvest), Evgeniy Vikentiev (Hamlet+Jacks), Hawan Chong (Sintoho), Alexey Kanevsky (Smoke BBQ), Andrey Kostarev (Gastroli) and Maxim Torganov (BeefZavod).


Other new additions to this year's festival include:


Special routes from insiders, combining the best of the world of culture and food;


A closing "debutants" ball, introducing the most promising young chefs in the city.


Two days of talks featuring business leaders, journalists and local and visiting chefs will take place on the current trends in hospitality.



From 1 to 16 June, more than 40 of the city's best restaurants will showcase a festival menu - a 3-5-course set menu for 1500 Russian Rubles (approx 23USD). Tickets needn't be bought in advance - simply order the Gourmet Days set menu at one of the listed restaurants.  See the list of participating restaurants here.


12 June

11:00 St.Petersburg - gastronomic capital of Russia. Tasks and mission of the Festival  - Alena Melnikova
11:20 Restaurant as a tourists' attarction of St.Petersburg. Contemporary cuisine of St.Petersburg - is it a myth or reality? -  Mr.Pankevich (Head of City Tourism Committee)
11:40 Social responsibility of St.Petersburg restaurants' community. Projects initiated to develop the city -  Alexey Burov (Dream Team restaurant group)
12:20 Key trends for the world and Russia in 2019 - 2020 - Anna Kukulina 
12:40 Talking to the one who is called the "God of food": why does it make sense too promote the culture of restaurants and make starts of chefs - Andrea Petrini 
13:00 Megapolis trends: how to be interesting to people and still retain your personality -  Chef Ton (Le Du)/ Josh Angus (Hide Ground)
13:40 Best "Zero waste" restaurant in Europe. It is hard to be the first one? Is it really worth the effort? -  Douglas McMaster (Silo)
14:00 Is there room for "Zero Waste" in Russia: studying experience of Harvest restaurant - Dmitry Blinov (Duo Band restaurant group)
14:20 New Consumption: eco, bio, vegetarian & vegan in life and restaurants of St.Petersburg - Viktoria Mosina (Grun Cafe)
15:00 Contemporary menu: principles, creativity, commercial success - Atsushi Tanaka (A.T.Paris)
15:20 St. Petersburg mentality on the European Ground - Evgeny Vikentiev (Hamlet+Jacks restaurant, Cell restaurant)
15:40 The architecture of food: how is created the exterior shape of the new recipe - Nicolas Lambert( Four Seasons Lion Palace, Pastry Chef)

13 June

11:00 Cross Road Cooking - Ivan Brehm (Nouri)
11:20 Is there place for personality in the kitchen  - Hezert-Arslan Berdiev and his team (Birch)
11:40 A woman's place is in the kitchen…?!  - Marina Dementiev (Ezo Izakaya), Andrey Kostarev(Gastroli)
12:20 Comfort Dining: current and future - Arlette Euler (Matria)
12:40 Big Restaurant: creative menue "on the thread"  - Dmitry Bogachev (Mansarda), Igor Zorin (Terrassa)
13:00 Close to people: play on words or on formats  - Jordy Navarra (Toyo Eatery), Joaqim Leal Sarraga (Taberna Sal Grosso)
13:40 From nose to tail: provocation or ethic  - Diego Rosssi (Trippa Milano)
14:00 Contemporary approach to bbq and grills  - Alexey Kanevsky (Smoke BBQ), Maxim Torganov (BeefZavod)
14:20 Asian approach to ethical cooking -  Havan Chong (Sintoho, Four Seasons Lion Palace)
15:00 Food and coctails: shaken not stirred  - Tim Butler ( Eat Me, Bunker, Essenzi ), Igor Zernov (El Copitas Bar)
15:20 S.Pellegrino Young Chef:how to find your perfect mentor -  Dmitry Blinov (Duo Band), Eldar Muradov (Mr.Bo), Hezret-Arslan Berdiev (Birch)
15:40 To teach and to study: how, where and when -  Alexey Kanevsky (SMOKE BBQ) - confirmed, Oscar Calleja (Annua) - waiting for confirmation
16:00 Close up

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Gourmet Days St Petersburg 2019

01-30 June, 2019
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