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GastroFest Returning to 2015 Edinburgh Science Festival

GastroFest Returning to 2015 Edinburgh Science Festival
30 December, 2018

GastroFest Returning to 2015 Edinburgh Science Festival

Interested in science and food? Head on over to the Edinburgh Science Festival which will be hosting an inspiring mini food festival known as GastroFest.

What could be better than discovering the latest scientific innovations? Washing it all down with great food and drinks, of course! That's just what's in store at the 2015 Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Taking place from April 4th to the 19th, the science fair will host the GastroFest, an annual mini food festival showcasing various events and the work of local artisans, food producers, scientists and chefs. 

One of the highlights of GastroFest is the SciMart, a science-themed farmers market to be set up at Summerhall on Easter Sunday. Then there's the Molecular Mastery, a fun journey for adults curious about the science of gin and exploring fermentation, and Sensory Experimentation workshops (pictured above).

Foodies interested in nose-to-tail dining are invited to Dining on the Wild Side, a unique eating adventure and ''enlightening'' tea party. GastroFest will also feature a panel of experts discussing the future of food, what dining will look like in 2050, food choice and our passion for sweets.

If you are in the mood for science and food, swing by the GastroFest website and Edinburgh International Science Festival website more information on scheduled events. 

WHAT GastroFest @ Edingburgh International Science Festival
WHEN April 4-19th
WHERE Edinburgh, Scotland

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GastroFest Returning to 2015 Edinburgh Science Festival

30 December, 2018
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