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Food On The Edge in Ireland - A Look at What's to Come

Food On The Edge in Ireland - A Look at What's to Come
19-20 October, 2015

Food On The Edge in Ireland - A Look at What's to Come

We take a closer look at Food On The Edge - a two day food symposium taking place in Ireland, October 19th-20th.

Food on The Edge is coming on October 19th and we’re getting excited at the idea of such a great number of chefs meeting in such a unique part of the world.

The two day food symposium, held in Galway, Ireland, aims to challenge the perception of food and our connection to it with around 40 speakers that will each talk for 15 minutes on a wide range of what are sure to be interesting topics.

Albert Adrià, Andre Chiang, Daniel Patterson, David Kinch, Nathan Outlaw and Matt Orlando are just a handful of the amazing speakers expected to present.

We’ve been given an early look at some of the topics being discussed and here’s a few of the ones we’re most excited about.

Albert Adrià, - Sea as a Source
Adrià is set to speak about the connections a chef feels with the sources around him and how one of his biggest sources has been the sea in Cala Montjoi and in Barcelona.

Ben Reade - What’s The Sense
Reade will offer an up to date exploration of the oral senses, and how this knowledge can help us make delicious food.

Davide Scabin - The Golden Ratio
From Italy, Scabin will present a talk that focuses on the Golden Ratio - also known as God’s Number. It’s said to be the perfect number and that it can be found in many living and man made things and Scabin will speak about how he is now using the number to help his work in the kitchen. Speaking about his visit, he said: “"I've always wanted to visit Ireland, but I've never had the chance to do it until now. I've heard great things about the produce and the people and I really look forward to visiting”.

David Kinch - Links in The Chain
Kinch says he will present an honest discussion about the role of chef’s and their responsibility in understanding the importance of what comes before them and mentoring that responsibility to others in the future.

Tom Aikens - Going International
Aikens says he will talk about the challenge for chefs when it comes to expanding their businesses abroad and how important it is to find the correct balance when it comes to cooking style and sustainability. The chef will use his restaurants in London, Istanbul, Dubai and Hong Kong as examples.

This really is just a snippet of what’s going to be on offer during Food on The Edge. If you’re interesting in visiting the event tickets are available online and we will be there to keep you all up to date live on Twitter.

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Food On The Edge in Ireland - A Look at What's to Come

19-20 October, 2015
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