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Crypto Pintxos - Metaverse Dinner

Crypto Pintxos
18 July, 2022

Crypto Pintxos - Metaverse Dinner

Crypto Pintxos is a project of LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab at Basque Culinary Center, Center for Distributed Ledger Technology at the University of Malta, and Speculative Future Tel Aviv.

It is a collaborative project between tech futurists and food enthusiasts at an event that will see some 400 food NFTs (Tapas) mined or bought. Attendees will have the chance to vote on 10 plates through pintxos on Opensea, that will become part of a real-life dinner on 18 July at the Basque Culinary Center's restaurant. 

Watch this space for NFTs when they appear.

event name

Crypto Pintxos - Metaverse Dinner

18 July, 2022

Basque Culinary Center
Paseo Juan Avelino Barriola, 101
Donostia-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa), Spain

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