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Ramsay Just Can't Believe What's In This Chef's Fridge

By FDL on

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Ramsay Just Can't Believe What's In This Chef's Fridge

Gordon Ramsay comes across some pretty crazy things during his time inside some of the world’s worst kitchens - most of them make us cringe, wince, turn away in disgust - very few actually make us laugh out loud.

That’s why we love this next Ramsay video so much - a scene in which the chef is firing on point and a scene in which he really is presented with behaviour he just can’t understand.

Inside the restaurant’s fridge Ramsay discovers some pre made pasta - a lot of it - enough to feed around 400 people in fact and the owner of the restaurants is clueless as to why there is anything wrong.

Watch as the mad chef, who really can’t fathom what he’s discovered, lines all the pasta up on a counter and proceeds to march around explaining to the owner why it’s total madness.

It certainly made us laugh. And don’t miss Ramsay looses his head over a chef spraying steak.

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