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10 Essential Kitchen Knives

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10 Essential Kitchen Knives
Photo jwalsh / Flickr

What basic culinary items do you need to have in the kitchen? This is the question posed at the beginning of the infographic below and a basic set of decent kitchen knives is one of the first answers.

Created by ChefWorks, the guide to essential kitchen knives sets out 10 different types of knives with details given on how each one should be used and just why it’s essential to have in your kitchen arsenal.

Kitchen Knives You Need

From the Santoku to the Bird’s Beak - also known as a pairing knife - the simple little graphics show all the basic information about how each one should be used.

There’s also some bonus knife tips at the end about how to care for them, things to consider when buying them and how to slowly build your collection starting with the most important first.

Take a look below and don’t miss this video of Chinese chefs demonstrating some of their truly amazing knife skills.



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    This ChefWorks infographic provides a great overview of the different types of knives and their proper uses. Although I primarily use a chef knife in my kitchen, the pairing knife comes in at a close second. In addition to improper use of knives, I find that people don't know how to take care of knives. May times knives get thrown into the dishwasher and then into a drawer. A lot of people don't realize the damage they are causing to their knives. I found that applying basic knife care techniques as mentioned in the following article will help your knives last for a long time.

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