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Finger-Shaped Spoon Could Make Food Taste Better

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Finger-Shaped Spoon Could Make Food Taste Better

Do some of your most memorable food experiences come from eating without cutlery? Licking your fingers, the bowl or tearing food apart with your hands?

The makers of Goûte certainly hope so. The glass spoon from Michel/Fabian, which is modelled on a human finger, with an elongated handle, is designed to recreate the sensation of licking your fingers. The makers argue that eating food in this way can significantly alter our perception of taste; the Goûte is specifically crafted for use with rich and creamy foods, such as honey or yogurt.

“In our opinion, your hand is the best tool you have to eat with ... Our idea is to reconnect people with that sensuality of eating, but in an elegant way,” Charles Michel told Munchies.

They even have evidence to back up their claim. In a study at Oxford University's Cross Modal Research Laboratory, food eaten with the Goûte was perceived "as tasting significantly better than when eating with a conventional spoon," and "the perceived value of the food went up by 40%," they say.

The handmade device, available here, measures 21cm by 2cm and is priced at £29.99. We're reminded of another piece of sense stimulating cutlery – take a look at the Aromafork.

All images: Michel/Fabian/Joe Sarah

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