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Roasted Garlic Focaccia Goes Viral

06 July, 2022
garlic focaccia
In this episode of Why Waste? With Massimo Bottura, chef Francesco Vincenzi of Franceschetta 58 shows us how to turn leftover bread, pasta and rice into delicious meals to minimise food waste at home. Includes recipes for Caramelised Bread Crust Cake and Second Life Pasta Pie.

Tomato focaccia

Focaccia studded with whole cherry tomatoes makes a cheerful centrepiece with pops of sweetness in every mouthful.

focaccia and tomato bread

Recco focaccia bread

This traditional focaccia bread recipe is a bastion of gastronomy in Recco, a small town in Italy's northern Liguria region, where it's served hot and filled with fresh cheese, like crescenza. One bite and you'll be hooked.

recco focaccia bread

Ligurian focaccia bread

Learn how to make this simple and traditional focaccia bread, from the Italian region of Liguria, in our easy step-by-step recipe.

ligurian focaccia bread

chef Sean MacDonald

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