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The Mugaritz Water "Obsession" in Dishes

20 February, 2020
Ice Shreds from Mugaritz

Water is one of the team's recurring favorite themes, or "obsessions", as Sasha Correa, from the Mugaritz Research and Development team, explained: "water is everything".

"For Mugaritz, water is a very playful ingredient to interact with customers in a creative way. To show how you can do so much with an ingredient you usually take for granted." 


In fact, water is an ingredient so overlooked that it doesn't always appear in a recipe ingredient listings, this is one of the reasons the team decided to champion it. "We are interested in the role that water plays in gastronomy, as an ingredient, as a support, as a pretext, as a challenge, as a self-limitation, as a texture, as a temperature."

Over the years, the team has created a series of stunning dishes showcasing the capacity of water in food, pushing the envelope of emotions with tongues and icy kisses, nipples and condoms that have evolved into welcome drinks.

This video shows the process of making Sip of Flowers: a dish that incorporates water as an ingredient and the dildo as a culinary tool. Here's the recipe.

At the moment the team are hard at work finalising a breathtaking new water dish to join the series when they launch their 2020 menu in April ... think icebergs. The details are still under wraps so watch this space! 

In the meantime, here's a look inside the creative minds at Mugartiz and the wonderful world of the "Shape of Water". 


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