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A Glass of Fruit, Video Food Art by Alejandro Almanza Pereda

24 December, 2016
A Glass of Fruit, Video Food Art by Alejandro Almanza Pereda

Photo Alejandro Almanza Pereda, A glass of fruit 2016 | Videoinsight® Collection Video

A Glass of Fruit
A Glass of Fruit, Video Food Art by Alejandro Almanza Pereda

In your opinion, what is the idea or the aim of this particular video, and why did he choose fruit and vegetables and kitchen items?
The video offers a slow time, an imaginary space, hypnotic music, and refreshing colors. It cleans, detoxifies, increases the lightness. It is an analgesic. Fruits and vegetables belong to nature. We need nature because we are nature as well. Food and water are primary human needs. They are symbols of love and renaissance also. The relationship between eating and intimacy is strong. Water is a symbol of rebirth, renaissance, resurgence. They stimulate regression. We are born in water, we contain water inside our body. Water attracts us so much. Food is an issue strongly correlated with maternity.

What inspired you to add the video to your collection?
This artwork stimulates Videoinsight®: awareness, inner vision, intuition, solution, discovery that causes evolution and activation of resources. It promotes the wellbeing of body and psyche. It is a formidable chance to evolve. It is care. It brings progress and change. It transforms, moves, develops, and gives lightness. Can you tell us something more about Alejandro Almanza Pereda’s work and the influence of food? Alejandro Almanza Pereda is a pure and inspired artist. His work is genial. It brings more life into life. Seeing life from a new point of view can give you new ideas, inspire you and make you shake off whatever is keeping you from feeling joy.


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