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San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco, known as the “city of love” is a tech and artisans utopia where food and drink are presented in their most elevated form. A short distance from Silicon Valley, Napa, and Berkeley, the foggy city is the birthplace of California cuisine , stemming from the city’s farm-to-table philosophy, for which the famous chef Alice Waters of restaurant Chez Panisse is credited to have popularized.

You can eat the world in San Francisco. Boudin sourdough, Mission-Style burritos, and authentic dim sum are set against choices like fried Wagyu beef sandwiches for $180 and Daniel Patterson’s, Coi. Happy hours at Pirate-themed and vintage Tiki bars are all the rage and will make you see why they coined the phrase: “only in San Francisco”.

San Francisco’s epicurean approach doesn’t stay in the kitchen. Artisanal coffee, local wines, and craft cocktails are all at their best. Expect a more acidic style of coffee as the city tends to favor brighter,
home-roasted (and highly caffeinated) brews.

San Francisco’s magnetic energy comes in part from it’s frontier history, an identity that has progressed through time and is still felt throughout the city. That said it’s legendary status also comes from being the most expensive city in the U.S. Silicon Valley expense budgets sometimes hit 10k per week and the prices reflect the spending habits of its inhabitants, so it might be worth taking a look at the menu before going.

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Food Through a Microscopic Lens
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