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Risotto Camouflaged as Pizza

Gabriele Stabile

Risotto Camouflaged as Pizza by Mattia Agazzi

Italian chef Mattia Agazzi, from Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills, shares his recipe for risotto disguised as pizza - a dish that, he says, best represents his cooking at the Michelin-star restaurant. 


15 October, 2021
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Tomato Water
Roma Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
A pinch
Extra virgin olive oil
Basil Cream
Freshly picked basil leaves from one bunch of basil
Olive oil
Olive oil to taste
Burnt Caper Powder
100g rinsed and dried salted capers
2g oregano powder
Dehydrated Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
A pinch
Caster sugar
A pinch
Olive oil
The Rice
Carnaroli rice
100g. Carnaroli Rice (Riserva San Massimo)
Roma Tomatoes
375g Roma Tomato Water (see above)
30g. Unsalted Butter
Parmigiano Cheese
30g. Parmigiano Reggiano, grated
1 tablespoon of Wildflower Honey (Organic)

Discover chef Mattia Agazzi's take on an iconic pizza, with his fun spin on a risotto, showcasing all those beloved Italian flavours. First he cooks risotto with tomato water, before finishing the dish with cream of cherry tomatoes, stracciatella, basil cream and burnt caper powder, reminiscent of pizza crust, and semi-dry cherry tomatoes. 

Find out how to make Agazzi's risotto in the step-by-step recipe below.

Step 01

For the tomato water:

Blend and strain tomatoes through a fine-mesh cloth overnight, they should yield about 1 litre of water.

Step 02

For the pomodorini:

Cook in the oven at 480 °F for 15 minutes, then blend everything. Season and strain.

Keep in the fridge.

Step 03

For the basil cream:

Blanch the basil leaves. Then, using an immersion blender, blend with water (as needed) and emulsify with olive oil. Strain.

Keep in the fridge.

Step 04

To make the burnt caper powder

Rinse salted capers under water for 30 minutes. Then, dry overnight in a dehydrator or in the oven at low temperature. Toast in a hot non-stick sauté pan until capers are smoking and evenly

Allow to cool and pulverise in a blender.

Step 05

How to make dehydrated cherry tomatoes:

First, blanch and peel the tomatoes, chilling them in iced water. Then cut them in half, and season with (1:1 ratio) salt and sugar, and a touch of olive oil. Dehydrate them for 6 hours at 130 °F.


Step 06

Cooking the rice (for 2 portions):

Toast the rice in a wide bottomed pot (dry, without any fat). Deglaze with warm tomato water and stir.

'Risottare' for about 14 minutes, until the water has been absorbed by the rice and the bottom of the pan is visible as you stir.

Finish with honey, butter and Parmigiano Reggiano. Salt to taste.

Remove rice from the pot and pour into a tray to cool.

Step 07


Risottare the Carnaroli. Pour caper powder lightly into the middle of the plate, then place risotto over the caper powder. Finish the top surface of the rice by disguising it as a pizza with the pomodorini, basil cream, the stracciatella of the burrata and dehydrated cherry tomatoes.

Have fun with it and enjoy.



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